Making & Shaping Cones

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Here are some descriptive step by step images of how you can easily make bread cones at home. These treats can be either sweet or savoury and stuffed with whichever filling that you like.



So here is a step-by-step of how to shape the dough over your home made cone-molds in order to prepare savory or sweet custard/cream filled cones. It’s sooo easy to do and so much fun! The results are also incredibly gorgeous, you almost hesitate to eat the bread once it’s done lol.

This link will give you details on how to make the molds at home: How to Make Molds

and here are the links to the end-results for the recipes: Chocolate Cornets & Bread Cones

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  • Hi Fauzia,

    These cone shape savory snacks are amazing and quite inspiring.

    My question:
    How do I do the filling after the 7th snap ??
    Do I need to pre cook the cones before the filling or just make the shape and remove from the foil?

    Kindly reply.
    Thank you.

  • too goood i must say ….fouzia plz add some tiffon’s snacks for school going kids (easy to cook)and i want a tasty recipe of fish cutlet/fish kabab…thanks in adv

  • I m in love wid ur food fauzia.I hv made many dishes.inshallah frm nxt time I vl click n send u…..lots of luv n keep up the gud work….ur breadcones r nxt on my list.

    • Hi, Here is the basic
      Hi, Here is the basic explanation:

      All you need is some manila paper or any semi-hard paper. Cut into rectangles and roll them up into cones, you can then staple them to maintain the conical shape. Then cut up a piece of foil and wrap it around the cone to prevent the paper from burning in the oven. Tuck the foil from the top opening of the cone to hold it in place, but you don’t have to line the inside of the paper cones, just the outsides.

      You can then re-use these cone-molds a couple of times, you will just need to change out the foils and use new ones for the next batch.

      Before baking using them, you will need to grease the molds preferably with butter to make sure your bread does not stick to the molds.

      To shape the bread, roll pieces of dough into long ropes. Starting from the bottom tip of the cone mold, start rolling the ‘rope’ round and round keeping the spirals close to each other. Then bake as per the recipe.

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