About Us

We are two friends with the same name (just spelt slightly different) who share the same vision and dream. Together we’ve partnered up and developed a site where you and your loved ones can discover or re-kindle your passion for cooking. FKF.com is born!

There is an infinite number of existing recipes from all over the world, and countless new ones emerging everyday … all just waiting to be discovered. The range of transformations that can be implemented into any particular ingredient or recipe stretch as far as one’s imagination can reach.

“Just your average girl, tinkering around her kitchen! I delight over the fact that my ‘work’ will never be done & there will always be something new for me to discover and share.” ~ Fauzia M. Afif

“I look forward to making sure this FKF experience is fun and exciting for each and every one of you!” ~ Fozia A. Najfi

The sky is the limit for what is in store for us and we want YOU to be part of our journey too!

Let’s have some FUN together!