Pizza – Baked Without an Oven

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For those who do not have access to an oven, here is a simple method for baking on the stove-top.


Step 1:  First, I prepared my pizza dough, then added the toppings. You can check for pizza recipes HERE. I used a cake pan, but you can use just about any pan that you want, as long as it will fit into your big pot.


Step 2:  I then prepared my big pot by putting a stand inside it and covering it up. Then proceeded to pre heat if for some time, just to get it nice and hot in there to simulate an oven.


Step 3:  Once the pot was sufficiently heated, I placed the pizza pan on the rack and covered the pot again. Kept heat on medium-high and let it cook away.


Being a curious person by nature and since this was my first time attempting such a feat, I had to keep opening the pot to see how my pizza was faring. This probably lengthened the cooking time because every time you open the pot, you lose some of the heat in there. But well, at least I got to see the progress of my pizza! 

And finally VOILA!!! Look how beautifully perfect the pizza turned out. You can see the base is nice and toasty, and just from the way I have lifted the pizza to show you the golden base, you can notice how soft it was! It was literally folding over! The top was beautifully done too, maybe not as golden as when you pop this under a grill, but considering the method it was made with, I think it was not half bad!!
If you want, you can then cut up the pizza and pop the slices under a grill or toaster for a few minutes, but I just had the yummy pizza as it was, and it was FANTASTIC! 
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