Khajur Pak

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Makes 30-40 squares

The best thing about these treats is that they are quite a healthy sweet! Plus, they take so little time/effort to prepare...yet the results are always outstanding.

dates, deseeded
1 tbsp.
desiccated coconut
(plus some extra for garnishing)
1 tbsp.
1 tbsp.
khaskhas/poppy seeds
3/4 cup
cashews, roasted and crushed
1/4 cup
crushed cornflakes
some almond flakes for garnishing

Heat the butter in a pan, then add the desiccated coconut followed by the poppy seeds. Fry them in the butter on low heat, they will brown very fast so keep your eye on it. The minute they start changing color, quickly add in the deseeded dates and cook them on medium heat whilst stirring often until they soften. Dates soften very quickly, keep stirring them with a wooden spoon as they should take less than 10 minutes to get them soft and mushy (depending on the kind of dates you are using).

Once softened, add the crushed cashews and the cornflakes. You can increase or decrease these two depending on how soft or hard you want the truffles and squares to be. Once well mixed, turn the dates out onto a buttered square pan, then press the almond flakes all over and let it cool for a few hours before slicing....or alternatively you can shape the dates into balls/truffles whilst still warm. Then press each truffle into some desiccated coconut or almond flakes to decorate.

These can keep for weeks stored in a container or months in the refrigerator.

Enjoy! :)



sounds gr8! i have a query fauzia....if i want to make soft kajur pak then what do i increase & decrease in the measurement you have mentioned...kindly help...will make this pak soon as i have got some more than 1/2 kg dates lying with me...

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For softer results, reduce the amount of nuts/cornflakes and other additions included to the recipe. The more dates added, the softer the results.

a.a. Hey minal aidin is a must to v conflakes plz help wat can i use instd of conflakes plz reply fast want to make it nw...

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W/Salaam, minal faizeen. You can leave out the cornflakes and add more crushed nuts.

AHHH i've been left at home and have all my ingredients ready. I'm not sure if I have khas/khas poppy seeds (never used them before) could you specifically describe what they look like OR is there an alternative??

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You can leave them out. :)

i made it today and turned out good

turned out really good, thanks again.

Can i add sugar ?

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You can if you want although the recipe is sweet enough from the dates.

Jazakallah. My daughters do not eat Dates so I wanted to try little. I just used half of all this ingredients, it turned out wonderful I wish I had made some more.

can i use tea biscuits instead of cornflakes in this recipe?..i had bought date truffles which had biscuits in it..

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W/Salaam, yes that is fine.

My dates did not soften into mush even after cooking for about half an hour. I had to grind the mixture to be able to mold it into balls

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Could be the type of dates used. If they are hard or tough to begin with, they would not soften up easily. Try to use soft dates for this recipe.

I used tunisian pitted dates. They were quite soft, but anyways, the ballsturned out tasty. Thank you.

turned out v tasty, realy easy n fast to make. From kids to adults loved it. Thank you

Can I use marie biscuits in place of nuts and cornflakes?

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Have not tried with that substitution, sorry.