Pumpkin Custard Pudding

Servings : Serves 4

A delicious custard pudding that incorporates pumpkin in the recipe, making it both unique and exotic. Perfect dessert!


  • 800gm pumpkin, peeled and cubed into small pieces
  • 350ml milk (I used skimmed but you can use whole milk or add some evaporated milk for extra richness)
  • 100gm sugar (1/2 cup or adjust to taste)
  • 2 tbsp. custard powder (preferably plain/vanilla)
  • pinch of cardamom powder
  • drop of vanill essence
  • some orange colour (optional)
  • flaked nuts for garnishing


Add the pumpkin cubes and milk (reserve 50ml of the milk to mix the custard in later). Simmer together on medium, giving an occasional stir every now and then. Boil until the pumpkin is very soft and well-done. You can add a tiny bit of extra milk if you feel it is drying out. But keep in mind the extra 50ml will get added later with the custard. 🙂

Mix the custard powder in the reserved milk, then add this to the cooked pumpkin, followed by the sugar, cardamom and vanilla. If you think the pumpkin colour is not as vivid as you would like, you can add a few drops of orange food colouring.

Simmer again together until it thickens, and smash some of the pumpkin pieces, mix well. Adjust sugar to your taste.

Serve into individual bowls and garnish with nuts. Refrigerate until cold and enjoy!! 🙂

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