My Measurements

Since cup measurements differ from country to country, here are my personal measurements:


1 cup flour = 120gm

1 cup milk  = 200ml

1 cup butter/margarine = 225gm

1 cup sugar = 200gm

1 cup rice = 185gm


1 tbsp butter = 15gm

1 tbsp baking powder = 15gm

1 tsp baking powder = 5gm

1 tsp yeast = 3gm

1 tbsp yeast = 10gm

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  • Salam Fauzia. I was a little
    Salam Fauzia. I am a little confused about your measurement for semolina. For dhokla, I think you had said we can use the flour measurement which is 1 cup=120 gm which means 1 1/4 will be 150 gm. But here in the comments thread, you said 1 1/4 cup semolina is around 200 gm. Is it different for different recipes ? Can you plz verify ? Also, if it’s not too much trouble can you plz add a note in the measurements section about semolina also ? That would be really helpful for confused people like me :). Thank you in advance :)!

    • W/Salaam, I normally use my
      W/Salaam, I normally use my standard measuring cup so am not very sure about the weight. But on google it says a cup of semolina is about 160-170gm. So best to invest in some good measuring cups which will make it a lot easier as you will not need to weigh the ingredient. 🙂

  • Hello,,
    Erm..I dnt hv that measuring cup so I normally use with grams
    If, if eg; flour is 120gm..I got this measurement from my mug …
    So for me it has been easy I nt need to measure flour in grams
    Coz I know that my normal tea mug measure 120 the same ..
    Now can I use this same mug for measuring sugar etc etc…as evry ung has
    It’s differ it’s grams by cup…
    Question is can I use this mug to measure diff ing cup measurement

  • Sorry just want to confirm
    Sorry just want to confirm Fauzia – when you said you use your standard measuring cup , that means your 200 ml one right? The one you use for liquids. And Jazakallah for always answering our questions patiently 🙂

    • Well I actually have a
      Well I actually have a separate set of cups for DRY ingredients, so it does not have ml markings. But yes the same cup does hold 200 ml of liquid.

  • Asslkm Hi fauzia
    Asslkm Hi fauzia
    i can see there is a problem of cup measurement i would like 2 suggest if it’s possible for you to guide all of us through ml and grams only:)

  • Asalamualaikam fauzia! I
    Asalamualaikam fauzia! I really want to make the chicken bread but it says 2 cups of chicken. How many grams is this? Thank you 🙂

  • Hi Fauzia, I hv a cookie
    Hi Fauzia, I hv a cookie recipe which says 1 cup butter, as I dnt hv a scale hw do I measure? can I melt d butter n use, if so hw much? can u pls post chewy chocolate cookie recipe.

    • Hi, use a measuring cup if
      Hi, use a measuring cup if you have one or measure out 15 tbsp. Never melt butter unless the recipe specifically requires melted butter.

  • Jazakalakhairun fr replying
    Jazakalakhairun fr replying me.
    1 mre question wht does dis mean Just use long round strokes to gently mix the flour into the cake batter.means how 2 do it as I hav never evr dne baking insha allah planning 2 do very scared 2 do.

  • Just what i was looking for
    Just what i was looking for sis. Jazakamullahu khairan.. as am a beginner of cooking had lots of trouble in measurings. Luv ya ! Xoxo

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