How to Assemble a Checkerboard Cake without the Special Pans

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A checkerboard cake is one of the prettiest cakes there is. You do not need a special pan to make one, here are some simple steps to help you replicate the effect.

chocolate cakes
- recipe link in instructions
vanilla/plain cakes
- recipe link in instructions
buttercream, whipped cream or chocolate ganache as needed
-recipe link in instructions

Basically all you need are 2 different coloured cakes. I have opted for brown and white. But you could go with different colours, like orange and brown or pink and white etc.

These are the two cake recipes that I used: Basic Chocolate Cake and Vanilla Cake but you can use any cake recipes that you are most comfortable with.

Here is the frosting recipe that I used: Chocolate Ganache but you can use Buttercream, Whipped Cream or Whipped Ganache

To make it easier for cutting and handling the cakes, make them a day ahead and then wrap them well and put them in the fridge so they get nice and cold. This will prevent them from crumbling during the preparation.



Here's a diagram of the instructions and a few extra tips. Remember to frost in between the cut-out middle circles when you swap them between the cakes. Once everything is piled, frost the cake as per your preference, and when you cut into it, it will have a fantastic checkerboard effect. :)



aslam o alekum, em totally new at ds site, baju em nt gettng d whole pic of ds above cake and em browsing from ma laptop, kindly chek where d problem z?

thanks a lot fouzia for ur very quick response,,,this attitude shows ur sincerity towards ur profession,,i was not browsing from my cell,,but may be there was some error,,,but now i get it from ur mail,,,so nice of u,,thanks once again:)wase i am planning to make pan cakes in morning i hope i will follow ur receipe well;)

hi fouzia dear!! how r u ,,ur recipes r really very good,,very easy to follow and perfect:),,i don't know whats wrong in this,,any error or something else ,as i am not getting the steps of above cake,,i tried to open it before but same result,,even now i am not getting the pics above,,means wrirrten stuff is there but no pics:(,,

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Hi, the pic is posted and showing ok, are you browsing from a phone? Please try and check in from a computer.

under which heading is your chocolate cake

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Under Cakes folder.

Aslmz.I love ur page..pls can I hav a very soft sponge cake do I get it 2 b moist nd soft wen I touch...pls help

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W/Salaam, please check the cakes folder for excellent sponge cake recipes. :)

dear i cant see the pic dnt know y. plz help me i really want this mathod of checkboard cake.

I also cannot see the picture. Can you email it to me?

Thank you!

Assalamoalaikum, your recipes seems grt
.. please upload images of checkboard cake again it never opens..

Asalam aleikum,kindly re-post the diagrams for the checkeredboard cake.Its not opening completly....JZK

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assalamu alaikum
i want to make this, do i need of each cake 2 or can i have one of each?

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W/Salaam, two of each to get the pattern.

Hello Fauzia! I tried this recipe out and it was a DISASTER! I was looking really forward to this and it turned out bad. Is there anyway on how to place the batter in the pans without it mixing? I was thinking of baking it. :(

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Hi! The instructions clearly say to bake the cakes and then cut them in the manner shown in the images and then switch the middle sections between the two BAKED cakes. Did you read the recipe properly?

I love the design of cake. I can't wait to bake this for my family especially that they love chocolate flavor. Thanks for posting this :)

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I love the cake! It's so simple and beautiful! My father likes playing chess, so that would be a great present for his birthday I think. I can bake it on Friday and on Saturday he will come from Europe tour.

this one looks delicious and indeed beautiful, especially when you cut the way when swapping cut-outs, are you using some kind of cream or something else in-between??remember a colleague trying to bake a similar one and she used either whipped cream or some syrup..tasted quite nice..still she said it was quite hard to make everything fit together..

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Yes, you can use cream or ganache as mentioned in the recipe.