How to Assemble a Checkerboard Cake without the Special Pans

Servings :

A checkerboard cake is one of the prettiest cakes there is. You do not need a special pan to make one, here are some simple steps to help you replicate the effect.


  • 2 chocolate cakes - recipe link in instructions
  • 2 vanilla/plain cakes - recipe link in instructions
  • buttercream, whipped cream or chocolate ganache as needed -recipe link in instructions


Basically all you need are 2 different coloured cakes. I have opted for brown and white. But you could go with different colours, like orange and brown or pink and white etc.

These are the two cake recipes that I used: Basic Chocolate Cake and Vanilla Cake but you can use any cake recipes that you are most comfortable with.

Here is the frosting recipe that I used: Chocolate Ganache but you can use Buttercream, Whipped Cream or Whipped Ganache

To make it easier for cutting and handling the cakes, make them a day ahead and then wrap them well and put them in the fridge so they get nice and cold. This will prevent them from crumbling during the preparation.


Here’s a diagram of the instructions and a few extra tips. Remember to frost in between the cut-out middle circles when you swap them between the cakes. Once everything is piled, frost the cake as per your preference, and when you cut into it, it will have a fantastic checkerboard effect. 🙂


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