Cinnamon-Flavored Cappuccino

Servings : Serves 2

A refreshing hot drink that can perk one’s day right up!


  • 2 1/2 cups milk
  • 2 tsp. instant coffee
  • sugar
  • 2 small pans
  • a whisk
  • flavour of choice - I used cinnamon for this cup but you can use vanilla or cocoa or nutmeg, whatever flavour you prefer.


Best results are with whole milk, but I normally use skimmed 🙂

Pour 1 and ¾ cups of milk into a pan and start warming it up on low heat.

Put a tsp. of instant coffee in each cup. If your cups are big or you prefer your coffee very strong then use 1 and half tsp. per cup. I then add 1 tsp. of sugar per cup, but again, this is optional…if you like your coffee sugar-free, omit this…if you prefer a sweeter cup, add a little more.

Pour the remaining milk into your 2nd pan and start heating it. You can add a quarter tsp. of your flavouring of choice into this milk and a tsp. of sugar. Do NOT let it boil, keep stirring with your whisk slowly as it heats up. Once it is nearing boiling point, whisk faster and it will start to froth. Keep whisking until the froth is thick and relatively stable. Switch off and set this pan to rest for about 20 seconds.

In the meantime, pour the milk from Pan 1 (which by now should be boiling hot) into your cups and stir the coffee. Taste the sugar/coffee content and adjust to your taste.

Now using a spoon, GENTLY scoop up some froth from Pan 2 and pour it over each cup. Sprinkle some cinnamon or cocoa over the top and serve hot! 🙂


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