Mango & Pistachio Kulfi

Servings : Makes 20 small cups

Kulfi is basically the traditional Indian equivalent to ice cream. Although similar to ice cream in taste and appearance, Kulfi is known to be denser and creamier. It usually comes in different flavours.


  • 1 tin evaporated milk (385ml)
  • 1 tin condensed milk (300ml)
  • 1 cup heavy/whipping cream
  • 1/2 cup pistachio, coarsely crushed into small pieces
  • few strands saffron, optional
  • 1 tsp. vanilla essence
  • 2-3 ripe sweet mangoes, pureed (or 1 can of mango puree)
  • 20 dixie cups or popsicle molds


Mix together the milks and cream in a jug and set aside. Puree/blend the mango pulp into a paste in a blender. Add in the flavourings and the nuts into the mango puree and pulse a couple of times. Then pour in your milk and cream mixture and pulse 2-3 times for just a few seconds. Don't over-mix otherwise the kulfi will not set properly.

Pour in your popsicle molds/ dixie cups or an ice cube tray and freeze for at least 6-8 hours or overnight. (If using dixie cups, once you pour the kulfi mixture in, cover the cups with aluminum foil and pierce a small hole in the foil right in the center with the skewers sticks, this will keep the stick standing upright in the center of your kulfi).

Freeze until solid, preferably overnight.

When ready to serve, remove the molds from the freezer and just roll them between your hands. The heat will melt the kulfi a bit and it would be easier to remove the kulfi from the molds. Or run the base of the molds under the tap and then turn them out and serve. You can garnish with pistachio flakes if you want.

The mango is optional, you can leave it out and add a slice of bread instead to give texture. Tear the slice of bread into little pieces and add it into the milk mixture, then pulse together a few times and proceed with the rest of the instructions.

If you are using up the leftover milk/cream mixture from my Tres Leches recipe to make this recipe, you will only need to add a quarter cup of whipping cream, quarter cup of regular milk and the pulp from 1 ripe mango (or 1 slice of bread), plus the flavourings of pistachio and vanilla to your leftover milk/cream mixture. Then proceed with the recipe as directed above. This will give you 8 popsicles.

Enjoy! 🙂

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