Fluffy Pancakes

Servings : Makes 10 pancakes

Here is my favourite recipe for yummy, lighter than air, fluffy pancakes that I have been using for close to 10 years. I had experimented with SO MANY pancake recipes before this one, but NONE comes close!


  • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 tsp. salt
  • 2 tsp. baking powder
  • 2 tbsp. sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 1/4 cups milk
  • 1 tsp. vanilla essence
  • 3 tbsp. melted butter or veg oil
  • greased measuring cup (I used the quarter measuring cup)
  • griddle or non-stick pan
  • 3 large bowls
  • whisk/hand-mixer/cake mixer


Sieve and mix dry ingredients with a whisk or toss them with a fork in bowl 1. (Flour, sugar, baking powder, salt)

Separate the egg yolks and set them aside in bowl 2 (this bowl should be the largest).

Whip the egg whites in bowl 3 until fluffy and peaks form, then set aside.

Add milk and vanilla essence to the yolks and beat together until they bubble. Mix in the oil/butter then add in all the dry ingredients and whisk together carefully until they’re incorporated. Don’t be tempted to over mix, a few lumps are fine. Too smooth a batter will give u flat rubbery pancakes instead of the soft/airy fluffy ones we’re going for.

Fold in the egg whites in 2 additions. (Meaning first add half the eggwhites and gently fold them in then add the other half of the eggwhites and fold them in too)

Let the batter rest for 15-20mins.

Heat pan or griddle to max, lightly coat the surface with oil.

Then using your greased scooping cup, scoop and directly pour the mixture on the pan. Don’t try to round the pancake by pouring in a circular way, just dump the mixture and it will will round itself out.

When bubbles start forming on the top side of the pancake, gently ease the spatula under the pancake and turn it. Don’t pat down or press down the pancake, it will ruin the texture inside. You can peek to check if the under side is done and remove once ready.

Keep adjusting the heat, if it goes too high you can keep reducing and increasing as is necessary.

Always try making half the measurement of the recipe in your first attempt, increasing as you get more adept. Good luck!!!

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  • Thank u for your reply Fauzia
    Thank u for your reply Fauzia ! I tried them and they tasted good but weren’t as light and fluffy as I thought they would be. Any idea where I might have gone wrong ? I tried to fold egg whites gently and quickly to avoid deflating them so don’t know what happened. Also, my pancakes were a little thick – what I mean is that after pouring the mixture in pan, it didn’t spread out much that’s why I felt they were a little thick. Maybe the consistency of my batter was not right. How can I can adjust this ? One last qs, I read your note about whipping egg whites and added a bit of lemon juice . Is it necessary to add this kind of acid every time? Or depends on the recipe . Sorry I know I have asked many qs but was a little confused.

    • You’re welcome! Do give it
      You’re welcome! Do give it one more try and try to make sure that the egg whites are full and fluffy before being folded into the batter. Also all the ingredients should be at room temp. And make sure the baking powder is fresh. I normally do not use lemon juice in my egg whites and they turn out just fine. It is just an extra tip for those who have difficulty with whipping egg whites.

  • Ok thank you Fauzia :). Will
    Ok thank you Fauzia :). Will remember your tips for next time bc even this time me and my husband lovveddd the taste :). I think I know where I may have gone wrong – my regular sugar got over so I added little icing sugar which may have affected the texture I think. So won’t do that next time. Jazakallah again for your help and the amazzing recipe !!

  • hi fauzia,
    hi fauzia,
    i jus tried ur pancakes for the first time…and they were perfect
    i want to ask u for the recipe of a basic bread loaf.. i tried to make it at home today but it didnt turn out well..it was hard and dry..
    can u help me plz..
    other than that i also made chicken bread it was also very nice..
    ur recipes are great…and the way u descibe and tell the way is very goood
    take care..thanx

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