Atta / Whole wheat flour Foldovers

Servings : 9-10 foldovers

These are really easy to make and are both filling and healthy! 


  • 9-10 rotis (recipe link below)
  • keema filling, as needed (recipe link below)


All you need to do is make your regular rotis dough. HERE is my recipe for that.

Then, divide the dough into 9-10 balls as directed and start rolling out one at a time. Once rolled out as thin as you normally like, add your keema filling or any filling of your choice. I also like to add a dash of freshly ground pepper and drizzle a little bit of egg white, which helps hold the keema filling together. Then cover to form a half-circle and crimp the edges with a fork, as you can see from the pic.

Heat a tawa/chapati flat pan, and place the fold over on it, and on low heat cook it on both sides. You can add a tiny bit of oil whilst cooking it. Once both sides are nicely browned, remove and keep covered under a towel or cloth until ready to serve.

HERE is the keema recipe that I used.

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