Surprise Cookies

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Makes 45-50

These cookies are outstanding. You take a bite and get crispy coconut covered cookie, followed by a burst of sweet date, and a crunch of almond or walnut. Mouthful of goodness!

(replace seeds with almonds or walnuts or a piece of chocolate)
margarine at room temperature
1 cup
4 cups
2 tsp.
baking powder
drop of vanilla
desiccated coconut and/or crushed nuts
another extra egg

Cream sugar n margarine, add the egg n beat well. Sieve the flour with baking powder then add it in. Mix together. (If the mixture feels too stiff add some milk a tsp. at a time).

Make small balls, press them flat. Put a date in the center (replace seeds of the dates with almonds or walnuts). Form the dough into an egg shape around the date.

Once all are done, dip one by one in beaten egg then roll in desiccated coconut or crushed nuts. Bake till golden...around 25mins or so at 180C!



my favourite :)

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W/Salaam and Ramadhan Mubarak, yes you can use a mixture of crisco and butter or just butter.

Thank you.. I will attempt the recipe today IA.. :)

ASA and Ramadan Mubarak.. i was wondering if i don't have margarine can i use butter or Crisco?

Made these just before Ramadhan..thought I'd be able to open my fast with one...They where all gone by the first roza :)
will make some more at eid have lots of Dates which I bought back from Madina last ramadhan..xx

Hi how long do these keep for?

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Up to 2 weeks.

A.a thanx for ur beautiful recipes, was asking da dates for da cookies, we just remove da seeds or der is smethng more to do?

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W/Salaam, remove seeds and put almonds where the seeds are supposed to be.

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W/Salaam, do you over-bake them? That is the only way they would turn hard. Most people make the mistake of baking them longer in the oven than directed coz they wait for the cookies to become 'hard'. The problem is, cookies normally continue to harden even after removing them from the oven. How long did you bake them for?

which flour do u use for these?

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Plain/all purpose flour. many do you get in this recipe?

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Around 40 cookies.

I made this for Eid. I could follow the instructions and got same as your one in picture. Thanks for the recipe.

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Mix the butter/sugar until it becomes CREAMY in texture.

250gm means 2cups of butter in surprise cookies I am waiting ur answer

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1 full cup of butter.

I try these and it was awesome
Thanks alot

A.a thanks fauzia I hv tried them for my kids they finished them all

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Assalamoalaikum fauzia, can I fry them in a pan also?and why else I can put in the biscuit instead of dates?

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W/Salaam, no actually these need to be baked not fried. You can use chocolate or nuts in the center, anything that you like.

salam fauzia , kindly suggest whic one baking oven is the best for baking ??// kindly suggest which company baking oven will be good ,as i have microwave but not th ebaking one so plz clear will be waiting for your answer

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W/Salaam, I prefer an electric oven. Fan assisted. :) Different countries have different brands, best to find out locally what the best one is in your country.

Thanks fauzia for your quick respnse , but plz clear onemore thing which i am asking that is just better to go for baking oven only ,, and which baking oven u preferly suggest for your fans ??like dawlance ,pel ,haier??? for which u have yourself hands on experience ..kindly suggest that one

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I always prefer an electric oven with a gas stove-top. Baking turns out best in electric ovens whilst pot/pan cooking always is easier on a gas burner. Make sure the brand of oven you select is one that has warranty and is recognised, a good investment in a good oven could save you decades of agony as opposed to buying a cheaper make and having to replace it within a few years. Make sure you get a fan-assisted oven, speeds up baking and makes sure heat is evenly distributed in the oven. Also, check that the oven has a grill, this will be handy for browning the tops of such things as buns/cakes/naans etc. Get a spacious oven that can take at least 2 eight inch cake pans side by side with about 1 inch space all around. All the best! :)

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Asalam Fauzia ll mk it today n hp it ll b a hit on Eid D n ur recipes r really wonderful.thnks thnks n mamy thnks

instead of oven is there any other way of baking?

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Assalamu Alaikum Fauzia,i am hosting an ifthar on Saturday in shaa allah and your's is the only page i look up to when deciding the menu masha allah.I have thought of making these suprise cookies for Saturdays event and i like to know if i can make it two days ahead and store it?How long does this cookie say fresh stored in an air tight container?

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W/Salaam, thank you! They keep well for up to a week or more and retain their crispiness if stored in an airtight container. :)

I made it today. Awesome xxx

HI how long can we keep the biscuits dough in fridge?

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About 2-3 days wrapped well.

a.a. in FB cookies if i don't get unsalted butter can i use salted?

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W/Salaam, yes that is fine. Just omit the salt used in the recipe ingredients.

Aslm alykm..pls cn I add nutmeg iv I dnt hv vanilla

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W/Salaam, nutmeg will be a bit too strong for these cookies.