Strawberry Mousse

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Serves 6

Summer is all about fresh fruits, and strawberries are some of the most prominent fruits available during this season. The pairing of strawberries and cream with a hint of flaked chocolates sprinkled on top makes for a most fantastic dessert! This romantic and delicious dessert that can be prepared with fresh or frozen strawberries, literally takes no more than half an hour to prepare and a few hours to chill and set in the refrigerator!

1 cup
fresh or frozen strawberries, chopped
1/2 cup + 2 tbsp.
(preferably grinded)
1 cup
2 cups
whipping or double cream
1 tbsp.
halal gelatin dessert powder or agar agar powder
(plain, vanilla or strawberry flavored)
1 tsp.
vanilla essence
chocolate shavings or sprinkles for garnishing

You can substitute the strawberries for raspberries to make a raspberry mousse.

If you use a flavored gelatine powder, your mousse will have a more vivid/brighter color than the mousse made with plain or vanilla flavored. I have used the flavored kind.

Place the chopped strawberries in a pan with the cup of water, add the half cup of sugar and bring to a simmer. Let this boil until the strawberries become soft and mushy and the sugar is dissolved. Give it a taste, if needed you can add more sugar as per your taste. If the strawberries are sweet you will not need much, if they are tart you will need a bit more.

Once satisfied with the sweetness, turn off the heat and immediately add the gelatine powder and mix it in well whilst it is still hot. Then place this pan in a bowl of cold/icy water to help begin to cool it down quickly. This mixture should be cool but do not allow it to set.

Whilst it cools, whip the cream with 2 tbsp of sugar and the vanilla essence over a dish of icy water until soft peaks form. Do not over-whip.

Set aside or refrigerate for a while.

Check on the strawberry pulp. If it has cooled completely, blend the mixture properly, then pour it back into a bowl. Add the whipped cream gradually whilst folding with a spatula until well combined. You can reserve some whipped cream for decoration.

Serve into individual bowls, cover and refrigerate. Allow the mousse to set, preferably overnight.

When ready to serve, decorate with a dollop of whipped cream, some chocolate shavings, sprinkles, sliced strawberries...anything you like!

Enjoy! :)



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Yes you can

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W/Salaam, thanks. Sounds like the cream curdled and released some water, did you overwhip it? Try not to overwhip the whipping cream as it tends to fall apart quite fast.

no..i ddnt over whip it.. stil i cant find out the reason..anywayz jazakallah fr ur time..

can v use vanilla flavoured jello powder instead of jelly powder?

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You can get it online or at most muslim/desi shops/groceries.

looks great. Where would you buy halal geletine powder?

E262, E296, E297, E350, E351, E352, E353, E355, E363, E370, E375, E380, E381, E385, E416, E500, E501, E503, E504, E507, E508, E509, E510, E513, E514, E515, E516, E518, E524, E525, E526, E527, E528, E529, E530, E535, E536, E540, E541, E542, E545, E551, E523, E553, E554, E558, E559, E575, E576, E577, E578, E627, E901, E903, E924, E925, E926, E927.

Any product  containing emulsifiers with these numbers they are halal and consumable.

Check in the ingredients there will be this number starting with E in brackets

hey to cool it in the fridge or freezer?

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What is agar agar powder

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It is a vegetarian gelatine.

This looks delicious. I love ur recipies. You are doing a great job for people like me? Are you from Pakistan?

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Thanks, and no I am not from Pakistan.

I tried this yesterday.. Wow.. Really fnanatstic look n taste...I adore your recepies

Assalam aleykum Mashallah aleyk....jazakallah alf kheyr..

Can i use strawberry jelly in mousse

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Yes you can.

agar-agar powder is not available here..can i use agar-agar strands instead?pls suggest the quantity?

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Yes you can use agar agar strands but the problem is that to substitute with the strands is a bit difficult to estimate as they come in different strengths with different brands. Just approximate your usual amount for this amount of liquid and then see how it turns out. You can then adjust the next time you make it if you find the mousse too light or too thick. :)

can we use ready to use whipcream which comes in can?
If yes then after squirting it from can the quantity will be same 2 cup or more than that?

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I always prefer the freshly whipped version.

Salamz fauzia sis... ive tried most of ur desserts and it turned out to be really gud... bt whn i tried the strawberry moose the taste ws awesome though there ws still syrup underneath e moose.. cn u pls help me in this... jazakallah khair

AA. I try savory chicken crossiant. Yummy and tasty thanks for sharing good recipe


When u say strawberry u mean strawberry jello??

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Yes, the jelly powder.

Is dessert powder n falooda powder same??

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It's jelly powder.

Hi. I wanted to try this right now but I'm confused as to how many grams is 1 cup of strawberries. I have the frozen ones stashed away in my freezer. Do I need to defrost them before using? And also, I have the Dream Whip whipping cream powder. Can I use that instead of the liquid version as you only use it for folding into the strawberry mixture and as a topping?

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Hi, hard to estimate how much it would be in grams, I would say around 250gm more or less, just fill up an average cup and use. And yes you can use dream whip.

salaams....tried it yesterday and it was superb!!! Utterly delicious !!! Luv yr recipes! Thanks for sharing!!

U make us so happy:) thank u once again for another great recepie. Please upload recipe ov eclairs with storage as well. Thank u dear.

A a fauziya in place of flavoured gelatin can i use the normal one. Cos i dont know if its available in sri lanka. Jazak allah.

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W/Salaam, yes you can use normal gelatin.

You cn use the motha jelly dats available in SL.

Jazak Allah Fauzia, am just wondering is this Halal gelatin available in Nairobi stores for instance Nakumatt?

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Yes I believe they do, please check.

hey fauzia....assalamwalaikum....i tried ur chicken bread...honey and sauce wings n today the strawberry mousse....all of them were soooooo gud....jazaakallah dear....n keep upd gud work

i have agar-agar strands..i usually make puddings by melting it in do i substitute agar-agar powder with these strands?how much water needed to melt how much of agar-agar strand..

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Yes you can use agar agar strands but the problem is that to substitute with the strands is a bit difficult to estimate as they come in different strengths with different brands. Just approximate your usual amount for this amount of liquid and then see how it turns out. You can then adjust the next time you make it if you find the mousse too light or too thick. :)

Thanx 4 all recipes
Hey sis wat if the strawberries r too sour????

As salaam alaikum
Fauzia plz reply soooooonn
The strawberries i bought are too sour.....Wat shud i do ????
Any solution???
Plz reply

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W/Salaam, proceed with the recipe but you will need to add some more sugar. Simply give the mousse a taste as you mix and keep adding sugar until the sweetness is balanced. Not much else you can do unfortunately.

Salam I tryed to make the moose but my cream became quite hard but I stil put it in the moose and it's not setting wat did I do rong thanks soo much love al ur recipes

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W/Salaam, did you overwhip the cream? Whisk it into the mixtuer with a whisk to help it along.

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I am not sure about the quantity of one cup strawberries.. I checked in your measurements but the page has no equivalent for fruits.

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Have never weighed a cup of strawberries. Just chop them roughly and fill up a regular measuring cup. :)

In Sha Allah I will try it tomorrow and will let you know. I have tried the chicken bread and they were a hit. Jazakallahu Kheiran.

As salaamualaikum dear sis fauzia...can i use china grass this recipe??

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W/Salaam, yes absolutely, you can.