Aloo/Potato Kababs

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Makes 25-30 kababs

These kababs are an amazing accompaniment to Pilaus and they can easily work as a sandwich filler, or just a snack with chutneys.

white potatoes
large onion chipped very finely or grated then squeezed to get rid of excess water
4 tbsp.
chopped fresh coriander leaves
1 tbsp.
chopped limro leaves
chopped green chillies
juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp.
(or to taste)
1 tsp.
red chilli powder
1 tsp.
red chilli flakes
1 tsp.
coriander powder
1 tsp.
cumin powder
2 tbsp.
breadcrumbs or rice flour
1 tsp.
soft butter
1 egg, lightly beaten with 1 tbsp. water
(to be used for dipping the kababs into before frying)

Boil the potatoes, peel and mash them. Add in the butter followed by all the other ingredients EXCEPT the egg. Mix well.

Shape into round patties. Refrigerate for about an hour (covered with cling wrap).

Dip in beaten egg and fry until golden brown, then blot in kitchen towels.

Enjoy! :)


Salams dear , may I know what do limro leaves mean?

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W/Salaam, curry leaves or curry pata. Please google the word to see images, you may recognise the pic that way.

Assalaamualaikum Fauzia when i fry it is it suppposed to be deep fried or shallow fried.

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W/Salaam, I shallow-fry them in a non-stick pan normally, but either is fine.

Salaams Fauzia,

You do not add egg to the mixture? Would the batter fall apart? Also, can we freeze these kebabs?

Thanks a million!

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W/Salaam, yes I do not add egg in this kabab recipe, they don't fall apart. You can add if you like but I have a different kabab recipe that takes egg, check the one titled Ma'akouda in this same folder.

Can you freeze these and then fry up another day?

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Potato dishes are best done fresh but yes you can freeze them if you like, just make sure to fry them directly from the freezer into the hot oil. If you let them thaw they will scatter in the oil.

Salam Mam Fauzia..i am 14 year old fan of your r great..your recipes are nice and easy..but most of ur recipes seem difficult to me..but this recipe is the first recipe which i have tried myself and its great and yummy..!! ALLAH bless you mam..

A.a.sis n thanx 4 ur delicious recipes.I made this potatoes kababs bt while frying,the egg was separated frm the aloo,pliz tell me why n so i had 2 dip in gram flour batter and fry n mashallah they were so delicious,shukran.

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W/Salaam, was the egg cold? Next time sprinkle some gram flour on the kababs, just a light dusting then dip in the egg and fry.

Mmm so yummy. They didnt last long!

hello fauzia .. h r u .. thank u so muc for ur graet recepies .. i have one question taht i tried kabab but i noticed taht it was falls apart ... kabab were in in thier proper shape .. dont know why .. kinldy guide me for that what should i do in this case .....egg was also not cold .. but still faced same issue .waiting

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Hi, could be that the potatoes had any water retained in them? Did you freeze the mixture?


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You are not supposed to freeze them, I asked in order to determine why yours scattered. Did you boil the potatoes with the peel on or did you peel and then boil?