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Rasmalai or alternatively labelled as Ras Malai is a deliciously refreshing dessert consisting of soft and light spongy balls made from milk powder cooked and served in creamy thickened milk and with a pistachio or almond garnish.

There are dozens of different recipes, and I probably have tried every last one in my effort to find the perfect combination which yields no-fail results.  After numerous experiments, I am at last satisfied with the results using this method!  :)

1 cup
Nido (full cream milk powder)
(120 gm)
egg at room temp, lightly beaten
1/2 tsp.
baking powder
2 tsp.
1/2 tsp.
plain flour
small pinch of cardamom powder
Other Ingredients
1 litre
whole milk
1 cup
evaporated milk
(200 ml)
6-8 tbsp.
pinch of cardamom powder OR 2 green cardamom pods
a few strands of saffron

Pour the litre of whole milk and evaporated milk into a wide pan. A wide pan is good because the rasmalai balls tend to expand a LOT as they cook and they will need the extra space.  Add sugar, cardamom and saffron.  Simmer on gentle heat for about 10-15 minutes (or longer for a thicker milk base).

While the milk boils gently, take a bowl and sift the Nido powder with the baking powder and flour.  Add the small pinch of cardamom and mix it in.  This will ensure the rasmalai smell very good.  Add the oil and rub it in with your fingertips.  Now add the lightly beaten egg and mix to form a soft and slightly sticky mixture.  Set it aside for about a minute. This small resting time BEFORE shaping the balls helps make sure the egg moisture is full absorbed into the milk powder.  If the mixture feels too dry, you can beat another egg and add 1 TEASPOON at a time from it into the mixture until the dough is of a good soft consistency for shaping. Do NOT add milk or water to this dough as it will make the rasmalai hard in the center.

Now here is a tip that I have found to be very useful in preventing hard centers in rasmalai.  Take a clean pin and poke a few tiny hold through each ball.  This will ensure that the rasmalai will cook through the center when it boils in the milk.

Bring the milk to a brisk boil and then LOWER the heat. Remember, if you drop them into rapidly boiling milk, the outside will cook fast and the inside will remain yellow/hard.  At the same time if you add them to milk which is not hot enough, they may fall apart or again, the centers will remain uncooked. So bring the milk to a brisk boil, then lower the heat so it is on gentle simmer and THEN immediately add the balls and cover your pan.

Also, always make sure to drop ALL the rasmalai balls in ONE GO into the simmering milk. One big mistake people tend to make is to drop them one at a time into the boiling milk.  With this method, the rasmalai will not all cook for the same length of time, so you will end up with some that have hard centers.  Cover the pot and let them simmer for about 5 minutes.

Uncover and gently flip them over with a spoon.  Cover again and allow them to cook for 10 more minutes on low heat.

To check if the rasmalai is cooked through, remove one and cut through it with a spoon.  It should be spongey and soft.  If not, put it back in the milk and keep simmering on low heat for a few more minutes.

Once done, turn off the heat and leave the rasmalai covered in the pan for a few minutes so that the steam helps continue to cook them. Transfer them gently to a bowl/dish and garnish with nuts. Chill overnight and serve this yummy milky dessert cold!

If your rasmalai turn out hard or too soft/fall apart for whatever reason, do not despair.  Pour everything in a blender (you can add a cup or 2 of milk and some sugar if you like) and blend until smooth. Then pour the mixture into molds and freeze for some amazingly delicious kulfi!  :)




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Hello fauzia baji... i tried rasmalai again...alhamdolilah it turned out jus purfect... it ws a lil more softer...but dint break up... so all good...thanks fr the lovely recipe.
Evn made chicken malai tikka today it ws jus as the name says "like malai" ...melts i the mouth..we had it like sandwich in long breads..juss awesome..thanks a lott.
jazakallah khairan..

first of all tnx a lot for this recipe....i tried it n taste was really good but the problem was the balls didnt expand that much..would u plz tell me what might b the reason? while i used right amount of ingredients
n my scnd question is can we use condensed milk to thicken the milk...if yes thn in what amount of cndnsd milk n sugar?
thnk u

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W/Salaam, could be that the egg was too small or the baking powder did not take effect, use a fresh baking powder. Yes you can use condensed milk, that would be according to your taste. Add and adjust the sugar content to suit your personal taste.

Dear Fauzia, I made rasmalai today n it turned out amazingly soft spongy n juicy. I followed your recipe step by step and also pricked 6-7 whole in the middle of balls. Only addition I did was, I added some drops if rose water and 1 table spoon of ground almond to the milk mixture. Rest of the ingredients n garnishing as it is. Divine!!!
Also I want to add that this was my second attempt in making Ras malai. First attempt, I failed terribly as I followed some other recipe. Thank you so much Fauzia, for sharing such a wonderful recipe with tips. God bless you.

Assalaalaykum Fauzia
I tried rasmalai today, and it come out perfect spongy and soft.I followed your recipe exactly step by step. The sweetness, softness and sponginess were perfect. I could not believe myself that I made it so perfect. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. May Allah Bless You. Keep up the good work.

well i am totally fedup now. i made rasmalai from nido milkpowder severaltimes. and everytime dough gets extremely sticky.all measurments are correct.plz tell me my mistake.and also plz plz plz tell me which type of nido milkpowder u r using.i would really be v greatful to u.waiting for rep.thankyou :(

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Am sorry that your attempts are not working out. The fact that you mentioned that the dough is getting sticky means there is a measurement that is off. Either you are not measuring the milk powder properly or you are using a very big egg. Try and be very certain of all the measurements. Do not add all the egg at once, add it gradually. If you have tried everything and you still are not successful then am sorry I really do not know what else to advice. I use the regular Nido milk powder, full cream.

How would you add pistachios and how
Many would u add to make the rasmali pistachio flavoured

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I've actually never tried that so am not sure how much would be ideal, sorry! Maybe try and experiment a little bit and let me know how it goes. :)

thanks for the delicious recipe loved it

Salaam, it seems like others are having same problem as me. Whilst my balls were simmering, they expanded to a lovely size but when I removed from the gas and they started to cool, then they shrank :(. Will have to try again soon insha Allah

aoa fauzia kaisse hain ap ??? rasmailai bnatay howay aksar rasmalai balls toot jatay hain jb b ma dood ko thick karnay ke koshish kar rae hoti hon may b over cook ho kr toot jatay hain....

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English please?

I tried today it was all set they expand very well was very soft but after sometimes they turned to shrink and got harder :( why?? i tried again and it happened again to me.. What was the reason?

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Not sure, could be the brand of milk powder or the amount of baking powder used.

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can i use condensed milk instead of evaporated milk. or can i not put evaporated milk

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You can use condensed milk but since condensed milk is normally sweetened, you might need to adjust the sugar accordingly.

Salams. I tried rasamalai it came out superbly.for your information I used anchor milk powder.

Is it okay if we don't use evaporated milk?

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Yes you can leave it out but use more milk and boil it until it thickens and reduces in half so as to have a rich sauce.

quick simple and easy recipe, I made ras malai for the first time and it turned out great! thanks :)

Hi Fouzia, I tried the recipe and it turned out amazing. The only thing is the rasmalai was extrmely soft (but did not crumble). It wasnt spongey. What could have have gone wrong? It tasted great though.. Thanks..

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Hi, was the baking powder fresh? Sometimes that might be the issue.

Hi.. I did not receive a response to my question.. Wondering why it does not show here in the comments section...

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Hi, comments appear after they have been responded to and approved. I just logged in now and responded to your previous comment.

Asalaam o alaikum! I've tried so many of your recipes and I must say I'm a huge fan! Masha'Allah you are a wonderful teacher :)
I've tried many other ras malai recipes before with no success and so I gave yours a try but unfortunately I still didn't get a good result. When I was cooking the balls in the milk, after 10-15 mins they were still yellow and uncooked on the inside so I let it cook for another 5 mins (repeatedly). After constant checking eventually the balls were cooked but by that time my milk was of course over cooked and thick too :( and also the balls were soft at that time but after refrigerating they were hard. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but this is the result I always get when I make ras malai...please guide me! Jazakillah khair. Hope to hear from you soon!

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W/Salaam, thank you so much! Sorry to know that your rasmalai didn't turn out well. Could you please confirm if you were using Nido full cream milk powder? Also, was the baking powder fresh?

Thanks for the reply :) yes the Nido is "Instant Full Cream Milk Powder" ...and by fresh baking powder do you mean like I recently opened the box? I've been using this box for a few months now and if it makes any difference, the box says "Double Acting Baking Powder".

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Normally baking powder gradually begins losing its active power once a carton/box is opened. I try to use a fresh pack every month or so, maximum couple of months. Any longer and you cannot really guarantee that it will be as effective as it was when you first opened the pack. But you could check this, have a look through my tips section on how to check the effectiveness of baking powder. :)

Assalamualaikum Ms. Fauzia.By 1cup milk powder, how many tablespoon u mean?.because i was able to make only 12-13 balls out of it. And if we poke holes through the balls wont they break when put in the evaporated milk? And does the dough look like an aata dough when kneaded or should it be more sticky?

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, am not sure how many tbsp that would be, it is difficult to estimate. Best to get a good set of measuring cups or a weighing scale for accurate results. They do not break when you poke them with a VERY thin pin if the rest of the recipe is followed properly.

Salam Fauzia. Can i use Nestle Bunyad as powdered milk?

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W/Salaam, sorry I do not know this brand.

Salams. Happy to announce that rasamalai turned out superbly. But I used anchor milk powder. May Allah bless you abundantly. Waiting eagerly for your Ramadan dishes.

Assalaamualaikum . Ramadan kareem :)
I wanted to know if I can use Self raising flour instead of plain flour? Jazaak Allah .

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, I prefer plain flour and adding the baking powder separately as SR flour tends to have a bit more baking powder than what this recipe requires.

Okay . Jazaak Allah . :)

Ramadan Mobarak ukhti! I made the rasmalai and everybody loved it. Thank you for an easy and delichious recipe!

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What size egg is used?
Small, medium or large?
I used large and i thinks its alot, mixture came out too sticky, so i added 3 tbsp nido, so its slighty sticky now but not as bad as earlier..
im still in process of making, so inshallah they come out okay

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, a medium sized egg should be perfect.

Hey Aoa.. can we use millac as a powdermilk??

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

Do you mean millac whipping cream? If so then no. You need powdered milk for this recipe.

Asalamoalaikum. Plz tell me if I use sweetened condensed milk instead of evaporated milk whats the exact quantity to use n then of sugar. Cz I really want fo make rasmalai n can't find evaporated milk anywhere

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W/Salaam, you can make evaporated milk at home, just check my Tips & Tricks section for the method.

I m in the process of making rasmalai
My rasmalis are swellon up beautifully but as soon as i open the lid and steam clears up from the pan they got shrunk everytime and also not getting cooked through the middle.
I have used nido full cream milk, a medium egg and baking powder is also fine( as i hv made gulab jamuns following ur recipe 5 days back and they turned out perfect )
Can u help me where i m wrong?

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

Hi, is the heat turned down to very low as they simmer? Maybe they need a few more minutes.

And yes i want to thank you for all these lovely recipes u have shared with us and still sharing. You always describe ur recipe in such a detailed and easy way that one can never go wrong so m i, my husband and family are fan of my cooking just because of you.
This is the first time i hv not achived the right result and hopefully the last also enshaAllah ☺
Thanks alottt again. May all your wishes come true. Stay blessed

Hi. Can i use cream in place of evaporated milk? if the purpose is to thicken the milk..also i couldn't find full cream milk, instead there is fortified milk, will that be OK? Thanks