Keema Omelette

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Serves 2-3

This is normally what I make for dinner when I've to make something in a hurry. But it works perfectly for breakfast if you prefer a heartier omelette than your usual one, or for Brunch when you're very hungry but not hungry enough for a heavy lunch!

3/4 cup
cooked or dried mince/keema
(recipe link in instructions below)
2 tbsp.
pinch of salt
chopped coriander
(used for garnishing)

Beat the eggs well, then add the keema and stir. Sprinkle a pinch of salt (remember that the cooked keema already has salt, so don't go overboard!)

Heat a pan and add the butter. Once melted, swirl it around to coat the bottom and sides of your pan. Pour in the egg/keema mixture. Lower the heat and if possible, cover the pan. Let it cook for a few minutes. Then open, and gently check to see if the bottom of the omelet is nicely browned. If so, flip it so the other side gets done too.

Once ready, sprinkle some pepper and chopped coriander (you can even grate some cheese on it whilst hot, whatever you like!), then slice it up using a knife or pizza cutter and serve with toast or parathas and some chutney if preferred.

Sometimes I use this as a filling along with salad and some chutney, chilli sauce or ketchup in sandwiches, really yummy!

For my keema recipe, check HERE.

I normally have a few small tins filled with this keema in my freezer for such times when I need a small amount for a quick dish like this omelette or keema pilau. Very handy to have, as opposed to having to thaw out a whole bunch of keema, or having to make a fresh batch for recipes that need very little. :)



wel done

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assalam mam plz upload ur videos b'coz easy 2 understand by watching it

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W/Salaam, sorry at the moment I cannot make videos.


mashaalah mungu akuiweke dadangu

Thz.will try

salams, i can't seem to find the keema recipe?
could you let me know where i can find it.

Pls can I use corn beef in place of the keema

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Have never used corned beef, sorry. If it is pre-cooked then I guess it should be ok.

Luv d yummies!!!!

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mashallah plz upload videos if u can

Salam Fauzia

The qeema link is not working. Maybe it needs to be updated after site update.


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W/Salaam. Fixed, thank you! :)