Chicken Malai Boti

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Serves 3-4

Delicious and tender morsels of chicken, with a melt-in-your-mouth quality from being marinated in an aromatic spicy creamy base.

boneless chicken
2 tbsp.
thick yoghurt
4 tbsp.
fresh cream
green chillies
4 tbsp.
fresh coriander, chopped with stems
1 tsp.
black pepper powder
1/2 tsp.
white pepper pepper
1/2 tsp.
red chilli powder
pinch of turmeric powder
1 tsp.
cumin powder
1/2 tsp.
coriander powder
1/4 tsp.
garam masala powder
1 tsp.
salt or to taste
juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp.
garlic paste
1 tsp.
ginger paste
2 tbsp.
oil/melted butter
1 tsp.
corn flour
(you can use almond/cashew powder instead)

Clean, cut and dry your chicken cubes using kitchen towels. The marinade works best if the chicken is dried thoroughly from any moisture. Add half of the salt, half the lemon juice, half the ginger/garlic pastes and the red chili powder. Mix well and refrigerate for an hour.

Grind the green chilies with the coriander. Do not use any water for grinding; you can use the remaining lemon juice to grind to a paste. Add this paste to all the remaining ingredients. Mix well. Add the marinated chicken into the mixture, combine well and refrigerate again for 4 hours or preferably overnight.

Thread the chicken pieces on skewers (if you're using wooden skewers, remember to soak them for 30 minutes before using to prevent them from burning).

Turn on your oven's grill/broiler to 200 C and grill for about 10-12 minutes per side. Turn the skewers over once they begin to color; keep an eye that the chicken doesn't burn. You can brush them with some melted butter midway through grilling. You can even grill these on a proper charcoal grill.

Alternatively, you can shallow fry the skewered chicken on a pan on both sides until cooked through.

Once done (if you're grilling them in the oven or pan-frying them), smoke the chicken skewers to give them a lovely bbq aroma.

Serve hot with accompaniments of your choice. My family love this with salad, coleslaw, fries and pita bread.




Asalam..I tried n it turn out simply awesome!! Want to try with lamb as the flavored were fanastic. Do you think it will work out? Please advise.

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W/Salaam, thank you. Well lamb would take longer to cook, try marinating the meat for longer (use a bit of tenderiser to help soften the meat). Good luck!

assalalaikum... i want to fry the chicken, how to smoke the chicken skewers to give them a lovely bbq aroma.
pls reply

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W/Salaam. Light a small piece of coal, then place it carefully on a piece of foil. Place that foil in the middle of the dish containing whatever you plan on adding the bbq flavour to. Drop some oil on the lit coal and it will immediately release lots of smoke. Cover the dish and let the smoke get retained in the dish so the food in there absorbs that smokey bbq flavour. Leave it for a minute or two, then open and discard the coal and foil.

When should i use the ingredients.....u skipped a bunch of ingredients like garam masala powder, blck pepper, adrak lusson paste etc....

sorry i missed out on the part where it says "add all the reamining ingredients " :D thnks! will inshAllah try today :)

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It will be perfectly fine inshaAllah. :)

Dear fauzia, we don't get the thick cream very easily in small packs where I live and the bottle goes bad before I can use it all, any substitute for cream in this recipe. Jazak Allah khair.

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The cream is necessary for this recipe as it adds to the softness and gives the most luxurious results. You can use any cooking cream that you know you will use up quickly, even light/single cream is fine.

Salams fauzia, I tried malai tikka boti recepie at iftar, my family loved it, the softness of the chicken ws amazing.... Jzakallah khair xxx

Where can I get fresh cream? Living here in the US we get heavy cream, sour cream, or cream cheese which one of these can I use? Thanks

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Do you get single cream or cooking cream? Use that. Otherwise dilute heavy cream with milk and use it instead of fresh cream.

Salam dear tried this for iftar yesterday turned out great with parathas :) thnks 4 gvn us great new ideas for iftar:)


This looks great! Can't wait to try it tomorrow for iftaar inshaAllah! But before I do, I just wanted to know.. Approximately how many does this serve? I want to cook for 6 people :)

Thank you!

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W/Salaam, normally 500gm boneless is enough for 3-4 people, depending on what else you serve it with.

Assalamo alaikom how r u? I hav sent mail 2 u plz reply of that as soon as possb5 n i wanna know d recipe of BBQ sauce n lasagniya sheets do u kow ?

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W/Salaam Safana, I have not received an email from you. Will be uploading bbq sauce and lasagna sheets recipes very soon inshaAllah.

I will be using this recipie for BBQ. Is there any advice that the chicken doesnt fall down out of the bbq skewers as I think chicken will be very moist and soft after cooking.

Salaams again!

Is cornflour the same as corn starch? In some places I read that it is is different, and in some places I read that the British term is cornflour, while they really mean cornflour (the U.S. word).. Could you please help me out? I reside in the U.S. :)

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W/Salaam, yes same thing.

Can we used table cream like puck,nestle media cream??

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Have not tried with those creams.

can i use whipped cream?

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W/Salaam, you can use liquid whipping cream.

Dear can you upload more barbeque receipes like chicken tikka bihari kabab

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Chicken tikka is already in the chicken album.

can i use thick cream instead of fresh cream? Is there any differnce between the two?

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W/Salaam, the difference is in that fresh cream is lighter than thick cream. You can dilute the thick cream with a bit of milk and use it. :)

ok dear thankss alottt i need to use a broiler pan for broiling? Or can i use a regular baking pan as i dont have a broiler pan.... :(

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W/Salaam, a regular pan is fine.

Please add me on facebook.I love your recipes!thnx.

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Simply click the Like button on FB to follow us there. :)

Aa. Praying you in the bestest of health. can u please tell me if i can freeze cream for later use. we dnt like too much cream, so i dnt use it quite often, bt sumtimes, i desperately wanna try sumthing like this malai tikka...:p but everytime i think of making same question...what to do with remaining cream. so i hav sum questions
1. can i freeze cream
2. if i can, for how long
3. how to use after defrosting
4. can i freeze whipping cream too n use it in dishes like these?

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, cream tends to separate when frozen and thawed, I personally have never tried freezing it because of this reason. You can maybe try freezing a little bit of cream the next time you have some to spare and see how it turns out! :)

What if we use the same marination for chiken thighs instead of boneless?? Any change in marination? Bake time??

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Do you mean thighs that are NOT boneless? If so then marination will be same but baking time will be longer for chicken with bones. Around 15 minutes per side or until done.

so delicious and tender. served them with afghani palao and mint chutney. thankyou fauzia !!!!!!!!! u r awsome mashAllah

can we use parsley instead of corrainder as i is not available where i live?can we omit white pepper in the recipe?

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Yes that is fine. And yes you can omit the white pepper and use black pepper instead.

If I wanted to make chicken cheese boti do I just substitute the cream with shredded cheddar cheese??? I had eaten it once from a restaurant but not sure how it was made

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Sounds yummy! Give it a try and let me know how it turns out. :)

Can i use double cream ??

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Yes you can, just dilute it a little bit with some milk.

ASAK,I am new to your site and am already a big fan of yours,i have tried your butter chicken, malai chicken boti and bread pizza recipes and it all turned out great and my family loved it a lot.just a request if u can start something for kids lunch box as their schools are starting and my kids doesn't like vegetables at all (they are 6yr and 4yr old respectively). you are doing a great job, may allah bless u with all the happiness of both the worlds.

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W/Salaam, thanks! There are lots of kid-friendly recipes in the snacks folder, the pizza folder and the breads folder. Please have a look through and favourite your choices. :)

Is fresh cream same as cooking cream?

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Yes it is.

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Asalam fauzia...thank you for such a wonderful recipe.......amazing taste

Aoa. Dear I tried it and shallow fried it in a pan but it truned hard. What could b the reason