Whipped Ganache

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2-3 cups of frosting

There is something about a whipped ganache that makes a cake look homey and luxurious. Thick glossy waves of delicious frosting, I was whisking this ganache earlier today for a fudge cake (recipe for which is coming soon) and couldn't resist taking a quick pic! Mmmmm chocolate heaven!

semi-sweet chocolate, cut into small pieces
3/4 cup
whipping cream
1 tbsp.
unsalted butter
few drops of vanilla essence or flavouring of choice

Place the chopped chocolate in a heatproof bowl. Set aside. Heat the cream and butter in a medium sized saucepan over medium heat. Bring just to a boil. Immediately pour the boiling cream over the chocolate and allow to stand for 5 minutes. Add the vanilla essence. Stir until smooth, then cover the bowl and let it cool in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Remove the bowl once the ganache has cooled, then use a whisk to whip it until it turns light, glossy and thick. Spread on your cake and enjoy!!

If you decide to use an electric whisk to beat the ganache, be VERY careful as there are chances of over-whipping and instead of this yummy looking texture you may end up with a grainy ganache. Once it is thick and glossy (about 20 secs with an electric whisk or 2 minutes with a hand whisk), stop whisking and use immediately.

PS:  You may now lick the whisk and bowl when you are done!

Enjoy! :)



yummy:...perfect look....
Glad 2 c ths website....congrats

asak...can we use readymade whipped cream here, available in the market? jazakallah khair.

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W/Salaam, you need liquid whipping cream for this recipe. The ready made one comes already pre-whipped and will not work.

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Yes you can use dairy milk. Semi sweet is also known as baking chocolate. Easily available in all supermarkets. Where are you located?

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Sorry no recipe for making whipping cream from scratch. :(

Can we use dairymilk cardburys chocolate.I don't understand what semisweet chocolate. is.has it got another name or something.please reply soon I really want to make this today.Jazaakallah

can yuh plz tell me how to make a whipping cream. i mean home made... in my island whipping cream is not available, can yuh plz tel me how to make whipp creame in home

can i use salted butter

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

Sure, that's ok.

thanks for the permission fauzia :)

thnk u so much for ur reply...

can i use white choclate instead of dark choclate.. my husband doent like dark chocolate.. plz reply asap... thnk u...

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Yes you can. Use slightly more chocolate, around 50gm extra as white chocolate melts thinner in consistency than dark.

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Not sure what milk pack cream is. Check if it has whipping cream written on the pack and if it does then you can use it.

Oh Jazaakallah so much.I tried it with dairymilk chocolate and it turned out gorgeous.Jazaakallah so much.next time Il use cooking chocolate.I live in blackburn.UK.

But forgot to add was born in mombasa.you've just rekindled the memories.after finding your website.it felt like.I was back there again.

I am trying to make a cake fully covered with roses.Is this measurement enough , both for frosting and icing?

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What size cake are you making? I think you should double the recipe since you said you will fully cover the cake with roses, you may need more ganache for that, and the leftover if any can be stored for another cake. :)

can v use cocoa powder instead of chocolate? if yes; how much?

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No for this recipe you need the chocolate.

Salam,can I use puck whipping cream? And can I make the ganache a day before use? How many cup cakes will this measurement cover?

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W/Salaam yes you can use any whipping cream and yes you can make it the day ahead. This should cover 12-24 cupcakes depending on whether you are making a light coating or decorating.

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Unfortunately I have never lived in Pakistan so am not sure where to suggest for you to check but have you tried all the supermarkets?

No not yet. I'll check out soon. May I know plz where r u from??

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From Kenya.

Hi Fauzia i just discovered ur website and i m so glad to see the variety of recipes u have in store. And u kno the best thing i found is that u never hasitate to answer any queries and confusions abt ur recipes. Keep up the good work. JazakAllah.

Secondly I wanted to know if anybody from Pakistan can tell me from where can I get the whipping cream?? as I live in Lahore Pakistan.

Can i please know if the amounts of ingredients given above will be sufficient for frosting a 500g cake?

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

Yes it should be fine.

Salaam, is this pipeable or is it too runny? I wanted to make a chocolate cake and use this to either to cover it and decorate it with buttercream or cover the cake with buttercream and use this to decorate with a wilton 1m tip... Which way round do u think I should do it? And would it set or melt? ? And can I use double cream as I have it home already?

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

It is pipeable and yes you can use double cream. It will set.

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W/Salaam, have never tried with malai.

Can I use malai instead of whipping cream?Pls reply soon wana make it tmr InshaaAllah.
JazakAllah for the amazing recipes!!!

what will b the amount of ganache when it is made?

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About 2.5 cups.

also want to know,,, can we use cadbury chocolates for this?

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Yes you can

hi, can u pls let me know if Dream whipped cream made according to the instuction in the sachet can be used. thank you.

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Hi, have never tried it with dream whip.

fozia i love ur site u r great

Asak Fauzia, can you tell me how long can this ganache be kept in the refridgerator, and can I freeze this for later use.

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W/Salaam, it is good for up to a 5 days or even a week if properly refrigerated but I would not recommend freezing as it is cream based and may go off or release water as it thaws.

Can we use heavy whipping cream?

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Yes you can.

I loveeeeeeee this one...luks yummy

hi fauzia!
I tried this recipe yest bt it dint turn out right.
I used "almarai whipping cream" in the blue pack.i dint boil the cream for very long.
It became too runny like chocolate syrup :'(
so where did i go wrong?

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam. Please confirm, what turned runny? The cream itself or after adding the chocolate to melt? Normally it would turn runny, you are supposed to then refrigerate and whip to thicken. Did you do that as per the recipe?

asalamualaikum... wantd to know f the cake shud be refrigerated aftr being frosted with ths... wil d cream melt if kept at room temperature

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, yes it would be best to refrigerate. It will not melt at room temperature, and can be at room temp for some hours. But because it is made with whipping cream, you do not want to risk it staying out for too long as it may go off.