Whipped Cream (Soft Peaks and Stiff Peaks)

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Nothing can replace the taste and creaminess of real whipped cream! Follow these simple tips to whip thickened cream into soft or firm peaks.


Use cream that has either a 36 to 40 percent milk-fat content (heavy cream) or 30 to 36 percent (light whipping cream).

1.  First, make sure you've chilled your mixing bowl and beaters by putting them in the freezer for about half an hour. If possible, use a big glass bowl.

For best results, prepare an ice-bath in which to place your bowl of cream during whipping.  

2.  Use the cream straight from the fridge: The colder it is, the easier and faster it’ll be to whip. Pour the cream into your bowl.

One cup of whipping cream makes about two cups of whipped cream

3.  Use a balloon whisk or an electric beater to whip cream. Start at low speed and gradually increase it to medium, do not whip on high as it's very easy to over-whip your cream, and once that happens it will turn into butter, making it unusable. So go slow and steady.

4.  When the cream starts to thicken, just before soft peaks form, add sugar and vanilla or flavoring of your choice and continue to whip. A good rule of thumb is 2 tablespoons of sugar for every cup of cream; adjust the sweetness to your own taste. You can use icing sugar instead of regular sugar.

For vanilla-flavored whipped cream, add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. For a chocolate flavor add 2 tablespoons cocoa with 2 tablespoons of sugar. For coffee-flavored cream add 2 teaspoons instant coffee granules and 2 tablespoons sugar.

5.  Continue beating the mixture until soft peaks form. You can whip until the cream makes stiffer peaks if desired, but be careful: You don’t want to turn the mixture to butter.

For soft peaks, whisk until cream just clings when the whisk or beater is lifted. This is useful when making mixtures, such as mousse.

For firm peaks, continue to whisk until the cream holds firmly to the whisk or beater. This is useful for serving with desserts.

Use as required!

If it starts to look grainy, you've over-whipped it - try folding in some more cream




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Sorry have never used tetra pack cream so am not sure on it's consistency.

can i use tetra pack cream to make whipped cream????

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Hi, not sure what tetra pack cream is like, you can try whipping some of it and if it thickens and becomes fluffy then go ahead and make whipped cream out of the rest.

fauzia i have tried your whipping cream recipe it was the best experiance of me thanks for such a easy recipe...

here in pakistan its difficult to find whipped cream... plz tell us how to make whipped cream with tetra pack cream?

I had to know can I use this whipped cream recipe to make layered cream cakes or on cupcakes(instead of the icing)? The usual butter and sugar icing on cakes seems too sweet and strong to me so I love the cream used in Bangladesh confectionaries for cakes?

P.S - Your recipes are really nice !!

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Hi, yes you can use this for that function. I prefer it too. And thanks!

can u pls tell which cream r u talking about?

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Whipping cream.

fauzia i didnt understand this one " For soft peaks, whisk until cream just clings when the whisk or beater is lifted"

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When you lift the whisk and the cream sticks to it, you have reached soft peaks stage.

how about if we dont use sugar?
Your recipes are great for beginer learners! thanx

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You need the sugar to sweeten the frosting.

assalam fauzia,
just wanted to ask you, do you know the difference between whipped cream like the one you made here and 'crème chantilly'? It's what we have here in france, but i don't know if it's suitable for cake decoration.

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W/Salaam, from the bit of research I could do via google, it seems crème chantilly is the same as whipped cream so it should be fine for cake decoration.

Thanks! and your recipes are wonderful, thanks loads for those!

hey thanx this was what i wanted

Hi, tried this recipe today and the cake didn't rise. I followed the method as it is what did I do that could have caused this to happen

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Hi Rehana, this is whipped cream, not a cake recipe.

Sorry meant to be writing a comment for the strawberries and cream cake!

Hello; which cream is this? Nestle or Haleeb etc available in small packs or it is dairy cream? i have tried the tetra pack cream and it taste totally different from cream of a regular bakery's cake... can you guide about the cream?

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It is called WHIPPING CREAM. Different countries have different brands, try checking at your local supermarket for it dear.

Assalamu Alaikum Fauzia,
can u tell me in minutes for hw long do i need to whip to get soft & stif peaks when i use a electric beater..Jazakallahu Khairan.

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W/Salaam, hard to estimate the time frame as different brands of whipping cream take different amounts of time to reach soft/stiff peaks.

Asalamualkum ,I live in khi plz tell me which cream is this ?which cream is used by these bakeries and from where can v get it ?In supermarkets usually nestle tetra pack creams r available r they the ones which r 2 b used for cakes like black forest etc and which brand do u use?
Thanks and Regards

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W/Salaam, sorry but I am not from Karachi so cannot be of any help in guiding you on which brands of cream are available there and where to buy them. Try asking at your local supermarket, in the refrigerated section.

salam fauziya sis.my cream is melting very soon.may i know why is that????

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W/Salaam, some brands of cream melt fast. Just make sure to keep the cream chilled and refrigerated, especially in warm climates.

salam. i culdnt find any wipped cream here in da local shops. wil it b ok if i use nestle cream. thanks

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W/Salaam, check the supermarkets, refrigerated isles. Nestle cream cannot replace whipping cream effectively.

Hi dear,

I have tried many of your recipes like the zebra cake, chicken bread etc.They were awesome and your recipes are just the right one for any dessert lover like me!

I had a few doubts and hope you can clear for me. Just saw in a few websites where they suggest to make whipped cream out of whipping cream powder + nestle cream...does it work well? If so how and what is the measurement?

Also I have seen different types of creams here in the UAE market leaving me confused. What is nestle cream(there are flavored ones too) and almarai whipping cream..?

For what are these small tins of nestle cream used for?

Could you help me with it?

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Hi and thank you. I've personally never tried making whipped cream that way, always buy it ready made in liquid form and whip to the consistency needed. Almarai whipping cream is what is used for frosting cakes. Nestle is mostly used in desserts.

Don't buy the regular tetra pack cream. Go for 'Nestle Creations' whipping cream available at bakeries and supermarkets

heyy i want to write on the cake like happy birthday can i use nestle creation dessert cream ?? is it necessary to add sugar for writing purpose ?? wht is the method of writing with cream on the cake ?

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Hi, have never used nestle dessert cream. Best is to make buttercream frosting then put it into a ziploc bag or piping bag, cut a small hole from a corner and pipe the writing on your cake. Buttercream will hold better for that purpose.

for cake decoration, instead of butter cream, can i use whipped cream and mix different food colors, and use it for frosting?

and my whipped cream after decorating the cake and putting it in the fridge, it gets some cracks like, why is that so?

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Hi, best to use buttercream for decorations as it holds more accurately. Whipped cream cracks if it was over-whipped and therefore dries as it sets.

assalam aleikum fauzia, would u suggest i buy brookside whipping cream or is there a better option? thanx

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W/Salaam, Millac Gold is better. :)

A.a w.r w.b sis fauzia mashaallah this is amazing,pliz hw do you make ua own heavy cream wea l am its hard to get em.. Jazakumullah kheiran

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W/Salaam, I normally buy the cream.

sorry i wanted to say patli :P

i tried a lot of time with tetra pack( olpers or milk pack) cream par wo bht tatli hojati h instead of to thicken so can u tell what basically whipped cream is??? i am frm isl

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Hi, sorry did not understand the indian bit of your question. Am not sure which types of cream olpers or milk pack are. Normally whipping cream will have the label (whipping cream) on the carton or pack. It is thick cream of about 35% fat content. If you cannot get this, try any heavy cream. :)

can I use fresh cream insted of whip cream?

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It will not whip as beautifully as it has a lower fat content.

u can bye dreamwhip whipping cream from imtiaz store or hyperstar if living in karachi and moreover ive tried it with umung thick ceam which also results good.
and thankyou fauzia for such lovely recipies of urs which build love to cook in me thanx again dear

Assalum alaykum. First would like to thank you for all your wonderful recipes. My questions are as follows:

1. I bought the special pan for the checkeredboard cake and tried to make the cake but on cutting the cake its didnt quite come out like a checkerboard it seems more like a zebra ckae than checkered where im i going wrong.

2. The whip cream cheese frosting... when i whip my cream as your instruction slow speed then medium it doesnt make a fluffy outcome plus is always seems abit like a cuddy mixture. Im using the cake kenwood cake mixer to mix the whip at what exact speed should I use. could you indicate some of the best whip cream available in the market that we can use? plus where im i going wrong?

Please let me know?

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, thanks. Maybe you shook the pan too much before baking so the pattern got mixed up. You have to use a very steady hand. Did you whip the cream cheese at room temp? I use philadelphia. See if you have that wherever you are. :)

Thank you for the reply will try the cake again . As for the whip cream I'm in Kenya so only good cheese available is mascapon can I use double cream instead of whip cream as its the only in the market with over 45% fat