Virgin Piña Colada

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Serves 2-3

This refreshing drink inevitably conjures up images of warm sunny days on beautiful island beaches! Piña Colada stands for 'strained pineapple'. It is known as a 'Virgin' Piña Colada because the drink is alcohol-free. An exotic combination of pineapple and cream, this recipe is my version of the world-famous drink.

1/4 cup
crushed pineapple
1 cup
pineapple juice
1/2 cup
coconut cream
1 cup
crushed ice
1 tsp.
lemon juice
1-2 scoops
vanilla ice-cream
1 tbsp.
(or to taste)

If you're using sweetened pineapple juice or sweetened cream of coconut, then you can omit the sugar.

Put everything in a blender, process until creamy and well combined. Serve in glasses garnished with pineapple wedges or maraschino cherries or both.

Enjoy! :)


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It is a canned version but you can use thick coconut milk as an alternative.

Wud luv to try ur recipe.. But is coconut cream the same as thick coconut milk? Or is it a canned version? Pls help coz I wana try it soon .. Thnx =)

fauzia can we use home made pineapple juice??

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Yes you can.

coconut milk-does it mean tui?

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Yes it does. Tui nzito.

Love all ur recipes... So many variety out their... Can't decide what to cook and what not to cook...

can we use canned pineapple?

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Jazakallah for the quick response.

Is fresh pineapple better or canned? Should we buy crushed in a tin or can we cut fresh pineapple . Thanks

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Either is fine, I use canned.

ASsalam o alaikum fauzia....i have canned coconut milk instead of coconut cream...can i use it instead of cream? if yes;then wil it make a difference in taste? plz reply soon as i have to make this drink tmoro as gusets r comn over:) thanks :)

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W/Salaam, it should be fine, if you can try and do a test run before the guests arrive just to see how it turns out as I have not tried this with coconut milk, cream is a bit richer and has a sweeter flavour. But I believe it will be ok. :)

Asak. I got the coconut cream in the can but it has no storage instructions. Do you know from experience if I can store the remaining cream by covering with cling film? If yes for how long? Thanks

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You should remove your leftovers from the can and put it in a different container, otherwise the can will impart an unpleasant taste to the cream of coconut. Stored in the refrigerator, the cream of coconut will keep for a week; in the freezer, for a month.

Asak. I made this as is and also with banana. Both tasted great. Thanks.
I don't really work a lot on the presentation. Thats something I need to work on next.

salaam sister,i don't have coconut cream only creaned coconut which comes in blocks,how do I obtain coconut cream form this.

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W/Salaam, am sorry but I actually have never used it in block form so am not sure how it works. Just give it a try and see how you find the results.

I did some research,so far the idea it actuaaly gives me is that block cream is heavier so in that case I will dilute this with 1/4 cup creamed coconut to 1/4 cup water.let u know if my family survives.(hee hee)

salaam sister.creamed coconut did not work even after diluting,will need to find the cream or will use left our throats dry but the taste is superb.

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W/Salaam, thanks for getting back to me on this...good to know! :)

How many persons does this serve i want to make it for about 20-30 ppl so want to know if i should double triple or even quadruple the recipe!! lol
help much appreciated

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Hi, servings are given under the pic on the right hand side. Thanks.

Tried this and loved It ☺