Tips & Tricks

How to Make Mawa/Khoya

For Method 1


Evaporated Milk 1 Tin (unsweetened)

Milk Powder 2 cups

1. Take a mixing bowl and put the milk powder in it.

2. Now add the Evaporated milk in it slowly.

3. Knead it into a dough (hard dough)

My Measurements

Since cup measurements differ from country to country, here are my personal measurements:


1 cup flour = 120gm

1 cup milk  = 200ml

1 cup butter/margarine = 225gm

1 cup sugar = 200gm

1 cup rice = 185gm


1 tbsp butter = 15gm

1 tbsp baking powder = 15gm

1 tsp baking powder = 5gm

1 tsp yeast = 3gm

1 tbsp yeast = 10gm

Dough not rising? Find out WHY...

Preparing yeast dough can be quite tricky at first. But once mastered, it becomes one of the easiest kitchen tasks! I have compiled this note for those who've had trouble in the past when dealing with all kinds of yeast doughs. Hopefully this will answer most of yeast-dough related questions and will be useful for those who want to learn how to make sure that their dough turns out perfect every time. I will add to this note if I recall any other tips. :)