Square Parathas/Chapatis

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Makes 4-5 parathas

Sometimes it's kind of cool to bring variety even when cooking the same stuff you normally make. An extra effort makes enjoying the food even easier. So, this is a suggestion on how you can make your parathas/chapatis look different even though the taste will remain as you like it.

1 1/2 cups
all-purpose flour
(you can mix half all purpose and half atta if you like)
2 tbsp
(plus a bit more for rolling and cooking)
1 tsp
warm water or milk
(about 1/2 to 3/4 cup)

Please click HERE for the recipe of plain round parathas/chapatis.

For triangle parathas, click HERE.

First make the dough. Add the salt to the flour. Rub in the 2 tbsp ghee, then slowly add in the warm water or milk and knead until you have a lovely soft dough. The more you knead it the softer your parathas/chapatis will be.

To get this square shape, cut a piece of dough and roll it out into a circle like for your usual parathas. Apply ghee and sprinkle some flour. Now take one side and fold inwards to the centre. Fold again from the opposite side, then again from the two ends, layering the folds on top of each other. Like how you would fold an envelope. You will already have a square shape. Let it rest whilst covered for a few minutes...then roll out into your square chapati. :)


Salam pls where is the recipe for this? Thanx

Hi Fauzia,

Thank you for the great effort you are exerting on this website. I enjoyed surfing through the recipes =)

Actually i am looking for brown flour bread recipe and preferably the thick bread. Any suggestions?

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

Hi, you can use any of the buns/breads recipes for making brown bread. Just use atta/brown flour in place of the white/plain flour.

Please post a step by step instructions for this..
Thanks.. :)

Thank you so much, I absolutely loved making these, and the results were spectacular! :)

A.a i love your website alot and i take most of my recipes from here and i ant to ask you how ck.e your chapati mixture is different?

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W/Salaam, do you mean aata rotis?

Another great recipe. Glad I found your website. My family love these recipes. Thanks a lot.

Fauzia, How can I freeze these prathas? I want to make them in advance in larger quantity for sehri and want to freeze them.

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Half cook them then put them between sheets of plastic and into a freezer safe bag and freeze until needed. When ready to cook them just remove and place them on a hot tawa with a bit of oil or ghee and cook until done.

Plz post a diagram step by step recipe for ds.

I have a quick question for you. When you make this sq parathas don't you add baking powder or yeast.
Cause when making parathas I do add and sometimes also add an egg, but not for rotis /chapatis.
Pls let me know. This. Yasmin

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

No I do not add baking powder or yeast in parathas, nor eggs. :)