Soft-Serve Banana 'Ice-Cream'

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What do you do when you are on a diet and crave some yummy ice-cream?? I discovered this gem of a recipe online, but did you know that you can make ice-cream out of frozen bananas with literally NO other ingredients???

Well I had to try it out for myself to believe it! And here are my GORGEOUS delicious results!! ♥

frozen very ripe bananas
2 drops
vanilla essence
crushed nuts

What you need to do is, peel and freeze 2-3 very ripe bananas. I froze mine overnight.

Then just chop them up into slices, put them in a processor and blend away until the mixture is smooth and creamy!!

Serve as is for soft-serve version, or put in a container and freeze for a more solid version. Sprinkle some healthy chopped walnuts or almonds on top to add to the flavor!

You can also add a couple of drops of vanilla essence when processing if you want. I also added 1 tbsp. of icy cold milk, but that is entirely optional.

You can also turn this dessert up a notch by adding either a tbsp. of peanut-butter etc. nutella or coconut or chocolate chips, etc. for a hint of decadence. ;)

Enjoy! :)


Absolutely delightful can't wait to try so many things I found on your website.

I love the recipe you posted for the banana ice cream!!! I have discovered the delights of eating raw food and this will definitely fit the bill so to speak!!! Try blending bananas and cashews together, also using frozen bananas!!! A range of berries can also be frozen and used in the same way!!! I wish you all the best!!! Happy cooking and baking from one who loves it to another!!!

Tried it and must say that this does not deserve to be called ice cream at all!!!! Tastes like baby food of mashed bananas! I guess I'll freeze the remaining to use for banana milkshake.

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I guess that's your personal opinion. For me and many others who have tried the recipe, it does turn out remarkably 'ice-cream'-like especially considering it is low-fat and healthy.

Sorry, didn't mean to offend anyone. I love frozen fruit crushed with a dollop of low-fat yoghurt... especially grapes and all kinda berries, just that the gooey texture of the banana wasn't of my taste :)

Can we mix Strawbery and bana together instead of using just bana

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Yes you can.

asalam aleykum
it tasted yummy was asking if its possible to get the recipe of kashata za njugu,i think there are two types one with caramel n the other one normal please if its possible.thanks

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W/Salaam, will post those recipes soon inshaAllah.

i dont have a food processor, will an electric beater give me same result??

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Have not tried with a beater, but give it a try it should be fine or use a blender. :)

"You can also turn this dessert up a notch by adding either a tbsp. of peanut-butter etc. nutella or coconut or chocolate chips, etc. for a hint of decadence."

Hi, do you mean adding it as a topping, or do you mean adding it and blending it with the frozen bananas?

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Hi, yes add them when blending the frozen bananas.