Roast Beef Sandwich with Imli Fries

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Whenever I make Roast Beef, I try and make sure I save some leftovers to whip up these easy and incredibly delicious sandwiches.

Roast Beef slices
Salad/lettuce leaves
Mayonnaise & Ketchup
Cheese slices, onion slices and tomato slices
Potatoes for Imli Fries/Chips
Tamarind Sauce
Oil for frying the Chips

Slice up the roast beef into bite-sized strips. Layer in your sandwich roll with salad or fillings of your choice. You can use mayonnaise, ketchup, cheese slices, onions, tomatoes...etc

Imli Fries

Fry chips/potato fries TWICE. Meaning fry them, drain them from the oil, then heat the oil again and re-fry to make them extra crispy.

Then drizzle THIS tamarind sauce over them, as much as you like:.

You can even sprinkle a bit of chilli powder, some very finely chopped onions, garnish with coriander if you like.

Enjoy! :)



i really like all ur dishes i tried most of them and even teach most women how to do it on a radio cooking in nig'can u pls kindly be posting it through my mail?

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i loved all your receipies some of them i have seen for the first time.
why dont you make a complete book like other cookery books which we can always refer back to? i am personally looking forward to buy it!!!!
thanks for sharing

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Thank you! I do have plans of having my recipes published someday inshaAllah, and appreciate your loving support!

Omg! MashaAllah ur recipes r amazing alhamdulillah! Am a teen bt I looove cooking n I'm on fauziaskitchen fun 24/7! Jzk!

wonderful site

I luv ur recipes thnks

sooo amazing mashaALLAH

Salamz! I love all ur recipes d out come is excelent!! Sis would u kindly update a step by step recipe on making these kind of bun! I need d method on shapning this bun! Jzk!!

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W/Salaam, will try and post a method inshaAllah, thanks. :)

Jazakallahu hair n plz try to post it as soon as possible

Salamz!! Dd u try in mkng this type of bun espcly i need d method on shaping it