Quick-Fix Dessert

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We all need one of these, the kind of dessert that takes all of 5 minutes to prepare and will leave someone going 'WOW!'.


The ingredients of this dessert normally vary with the contents of my fridge. Today, we have plain old vanilla ice cream mixed with tiny bits of pineapple and some left-over crumbled chocolate cake, a drizzle of caramel, a sprinkling of pistachios and almonds and a wafer stick snapped in half and shoved into the mix.

You can add, or adjust according to your taste and/or contents of your fridge. Dress it up and make it look GRAND!


i need step by step ingredients of quick fix desert. thanks.. it will be really yummy.. wooww


yummy looking :D

Salam what do u start with..if u mix caramel n ice cream. Then the ice cream will melt.. Pls assist

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W/Salaam, why will the ice-cream melt? The caramel is just a syrup.

Luks very tasty and nyc :)

can you please give the ingredients??

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They are described in the instructions, just a simple odds and ends kind of dessert. :)

It's looking lovely n yummy
Thnxx for introducing new n different recipes..... I have many leftovers in my fridge n I m gonna make it In shaa Allah
So the other name of this dish is 'leftover dessert' :)