Quick Easy Rolls

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12 rolls

Fantastic texture, softer than soft rolls. The ease with which making and baking these delightful rolls is unbelievable! Literally no hassle of kneading or having to wait for the dough to rise. Just throw everything together into a bowl, stir for a couple minutes and bake! I sliced one so you can see the inside for yourself. The butter melted a bit coz they were still really hot. YUM YUM YUM! Perfect for breakfast, and they would work really well as a quick-fix bread accompanying a meal.

2 cups
self-rising flour
(240 g)
4 tbsp.
1 1/2 cups
(250 ml)
1 tsp.

Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl about two minutes with a spoon. Spray or grease muffin tins. Fill tins 2/3 full; bake in preheated 200 C oven until golden brown or about 10 to 12 minutes. 

Delicious & Enjoy!

To make self rising flour, add 1 and half tsp. of baking powder and a pinch of salt to every cup of all-purpose flour.




Hi fauzia,I tried your quick easy rolls,just wanted to let u know that the results were totally awesome.thank u so much.

Dear Fauzia..M a gr8 Fan of yours..just wanted to let you know that I tried these ''quick easy rolls''...n they turned out to be tooo gud...Just loved it like ol your other recipes..Thanks..:)

So this means ... i can use 2cups of all purpose flour instead? 1cup all purpose flour + 1/2tsp BP + pinch salt PLUS 1cup all purpose flour + 1/2tsp BP + pinch salt ? Doesn't that increase the qty of BP by a lot? Generally in ur recipes u use 1- 1/4tsp or max 1-1/2tsp right?

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Actually it's ALWAYS 1 and a half tsp of baking powder plus a pinch of salt to every cup of flour when making SR flour. Not half tsp BP! Please re-check the recipe.

sorry i meant to write one and a half and not half.. wat im trying to ask is, i will use 2cups of all purpose flour and so a total of one and a half plus one and a half tsp of BP (one and half for each cup of flour) i.e. 3tsp right? have i understood it correctly?

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Yes perfect! :)

asalaamalikum, im making ur roast chicken and side veges today inshallah.. can i serve these rolls as a side with the chicken? it doesnt have any salt, or are they sweet rolls? jazakallah khair.

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W/Salaam, yes absolutely, you can make these with the roast chicken. Normally SR flour has a bit of salt, they are not sweet rolls but you can add a bit of salt if you like.

these turned out superb by the way! mashallah!

how to serve them please?can i halve them and keep some sausage filling for extra taste?

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They can be served with soup or any meal as a side-bread, or sliced and slathered with butter and jam as a morning/breakfast bread, or like you said, sliced and filled with sausage filling as a sandwich bread. Any works.

Hi, this was awesome.......Thank you

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Thanks! Try and bake them for slightly longer next time and see if that helps.

AA fauzia, I tried these for breakfast today, they rose and browned soo nicely looks exactly like in ur pic. we had it with nutella!But I wanted to ask, they dint feel light but heavier at the bottom and while eating it, it was sticking on the sides of the mouth as if not well cooked. I managed to make 8 muffins out of the recipe and cooked for 11 mins. Any ideas? thank you.

Can I put any filling in these ? Btw I've made so many of ur dishes..all turned out really good ..jazak Allah.

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Have not tried adding a filling to these. Thanks for the lovely feedback. :)

Hi Fauzia,can I skip tha mayo?

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Hi, the mayo is crucial for this recipe since no oil or egg is used.

Thanks for the prompt replycan I use egg n oil instead ?don't want to buy mayo just for this recipe.please help really want to make these.

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Sorry but I have never tried them without the mayo so cannot guarantee the results with the substitution.

Tried them and they tasted so yummy. Thanks Fauzia

Asak. May I please ask what brand Mayonaise do you use? Please also let me know the consistency of the dough. I tried to make these today and they were crispy on the outside and heavy, dense and slightly uncooked on the inside. I made with 1/2 cup sr flour, 1Tbspn mayonaise and 1/4 cup milk so didn't waste much. Thanks.

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W/Salaam, I like American Garden, but normally pick any Halal version that I get. :) Did you use Self raising flour as indicated in the recipe?

Yes I used self rising(sr) flour and I used heinz classic mayonaise. What should be the consistency of the dough?

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The consistency of muffins. A kind of thick batter. Could be that the baking powder in the SR flour is no longer working well? How old was the flour?

Yes thats how the batter was. Thick and sticky and elastic. Hmmm its not too old. Got it about a month back and opened it last week to try the quick jalebis listed on your site. I will try by making the self rising flour and see how it bakes. Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot for another great recipe Fauzia. Today I was running a little behind but wanted to try a new recipe. At the same time didn't have some basic ingredients that I would normally hae. So, the recipe perfectly matched for me today. It turned out great and my family loved it. Thanks again :)

A/a fauzia, I tried this recipe but it wasnt like the consistency of cupcakes batter. I mixed it with my hands
And I had to scoop it with my hands too to put it in the muffin tins as I couldn't pour it. It came to only 8. Do I add more milk? Mine was defently heavy not the consistency it should be.


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The recipe is actually quite accurate and have made it many times. It could be that the muffin pan cups are big or maybe you overfilled them? And did you weigh out and measure the ingredients accurately? In any case how were the results?

Salaam, I tried this recipe today, followed same recipe step by step except that I used self raising flour from packet (which I bought 2 months ago, and usually use the same to make kaimati, maandazi, etc) rather than making at home, but the rolls turned abit heavy, slightly dry from inside. I couldnt taste any sugar :(. I mixed the batter for about 2.5min, and backed for about 20min because after 12min as indicated in the recipe, the rolls had not changed the color. What do you think must have gone wrong, and pls suggest what to do and what not for the next time. Thanks alot for all your recipes.

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W/Salaam, overbaking is what made them become dry. For a golden colour make sure you turn on the top grill of your oven next time. Most ovens nowadays turn on the heat from the top as well as the sides and bottom but could be that yours needs to have the grill switched on separately.

Hi Fauzia, What can I use instead of Mayonnaise pls?


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Hi, for this recipe the mayonnaise is what lends the fat part to the bread and without it the results may not be as good.

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Salamz fauzia sis.... Ur recipes r really really awesome... As I new to cook n I tried many of ur recipes n they turnd awsme... Alhamdhulillah.. A quick question, can I make these rolls in a cake mould like silicon mould or disposable mould... Jazakallah

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W/Salaam, yes you can just be sure to grease the pan well.

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Jazakallahu khair for early reply