Quick & Easy Fudge Icing

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To cover an 8" cake

When you're in a hurry and want a lovely ooey gooey fudgey type icing but without all the work of making it the 'long' way, here is a quick and fantastic way of getting the same results and wonderful flavor (with waaaaaaaaaay less sugar too!!)

2 tbsp.
8 tbsp.
icing sugar
2 tbsp.
cocoa powder
1/2 tsp.
vanilla essence
some milk

Heat the margarine until it melts, keep the heat on low. Sieve the icing sugar with the cocoa together, then add this into the melted margarine. Stir together, then slowly add milk a teaspoon at a time. You will need about 5-8 tsp. so just have a bowl of milk next to you and keep adding and stirring until you reach a smooth consistency. The icing will thicken as it cools so keep it a bit thinner than what you want the final results to look like.

Add the vanilla and turn off the heat, immediately ice your cake and sprinkle crushed nuts or cake crumbs. Give it a few minutes to set, and serve!! :)



pls send me new desserts,cakes.buns,drinks,cookies and sweets recipes by mail. i would be pleased.

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i realy apprecte ur cooking efforts...keep it up the gud wrk :)

I need to make this and quick but I ran out of butter! What can I use as a substitute??

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Margarine will do too.

I tries some of your dishes . really its delicious.can i get some chocolate round cakes for eid??

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Thank you! There are several Chocolate cake recipes in this Cakes folder, have a look please.

Pls mail me some new recipes..... I like to experiment new thgs....

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i am anum i like u very much u recipy is too good

Pl tell me hw to make foundant icing, pl its urgent. Tnx

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Sorry dont have the recipe for it at the moment.

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W/Salaam, also known as confectioner's sugar or powdered sugar.

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W/Salaam, yes it is.

WOW!! gud job mashallah...may allah bless..

Hi fauzia
I made a vanilla cake and decided to give it a fudge icing.i followed exactly as you have said.after poring the fudge on to the cake and leaving it to set, when i decided to cut it, the fudge became separate from the cake.it did not stick to the cake.what could have gone wrong?

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Hi, maybe the icing was not loose enough when you poured it on the cake?

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Hi, it should be pourable, or even slightly thicker. It sets after a while. :) Also make sure that the cake is not humid when you pour the icing. This means the cake should not be soggy or sticky which sometimes happens in humid climates.

Hi fauzia,the icing was light but should be at a water consistency?And should it be poured immediately?

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Yes you can.

Can i use this recipe to make a coffee icing ?
I use 2 tbsp coffee instead of cocoa powder ?

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2 tbsp coffee would be way too much. Use 1 tsp instant coffee powder and the rest let it remain cocoa powder. Then once done give it a taste and add more coffee if you need it.

Thank you :) I tried it today, it was really tasty :D

Aslam o alikam, i am realy impressed by your work.i have a question that can we use margarine instead of butter in baking items especialy cakes?

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W/Salaam, yes you can although butter gives better flavour.

can i use margarine instead of butter in making cakes?

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Yes you can although butter gives better results.

Asalaam Alaikkum Fauzia!

could u pls tel me if the cake has to be refrigerated after frosting it??

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W/Salaam, it depends how long you plan on storing it before serving. If it is a same-day thing, then no need to refrigerate. Otherwise you may refrigerate until you are ready to serve.

A.a sis am making the icing now but its soooooo thin how can i make it thicken??? Plz answer

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Thicken with more icing sugar.

Asalaam o alaikum
If i do not have icing sugar what can i use?? Can i grind white sugar?

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W/Salaam, grinding white sugar will not make it the same as icing sugar, but you can add 2 tbsp of cornflour per cup of sugar then grind and it will help a little. When you grind sugar it ends up being a bit grainy and not smooth enough.

Asalaam o alaikum, i tried to make the icing me my icing sugar didnt melt.can u tell me what went wrong ?

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W/Salaam, did you actually use store-bought icing sugar?

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Salam fauzia....the cake looks yummylicious...may i know how much quantity of fudge icing is made from the above ingredient?

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W/Salaam, thanks. Enough to cover one 8 inch cake.