Pastry Puffs

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Basically these are mini pastries with either a dry or saucy filling of your preference in the centre.

Puff Pastry
Filling of choice
(link with options in instructions below)

I used ready-made pastry, just roll out to about quarter inch thickness, cut out circles, place your filling of choice on one pastry round, moisten the edges of the round and place a second pastry round on top, then press the edges together to seal the puff. Poke holes on the tops and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 C until golden and crispy.

You can use any filling that you like. HERE are all the options.



Can the pastry be put in the freezer to bake later,

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Yes it can.


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About 20 minutes or until golden, puffy and crispy.

may i no no wch is gud toaster oven or microwave oven

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Sanyo or National toaster ovens are good, but depends which country you are from. I have no idea about microwave ovens.

Some more recipies please.

are the small electric toaster ovens good for baking??? and pls also upload the recipe of puff pastry instad of ready made pastry.

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Best to use proper oven for baking. No puff pastry recipe at the moment.

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W/Salaam, yes it is fine.

from where we get this puff pastery from supermarket aur from bakery

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From both places it should be available.

a.alaikum. is puff pastry a sheet like structure

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W/Salaam, the kind I use is in a thick sheet form, but it comes in different shapes and sizes.

Salams! If I need to freeze these, should I half bake them (like most of your breads) or fully bake them before freezing? I haven't tried freezing pastries before...please let me know what's best :) Thanks

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W/Salaam, with pastries you will need to freeze them without baking them. Then when you are ready to bake them, get them out of the freezer and directly on to a greased tray, brush them with egg wash (for a good colour) and bake. Baking pastries when they are frozen solid helps them puff up beautifully.

Salams.. I have tried most of ur recipies.. all have come fine, can you please give me the recipe for puff pastry sheets using master puff.. jzkllh

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W/Salaam, you mean you already have the puff pastry and are looking for recipes of what to make with it, am I correct?

assalmaualikum, i have a small electric oven with two heating rods at the top and bottom, should i heat both the rods to bake the puffs or should i bake them with the heat from the bottom rod?

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W/Salaam. About the rods that need to be switched on, my oven works differently (I don't have to switch on various rods at any time) but I believe for ovens like what you are using, start with the bottom one and then midway turn on the top. Accordingly see how the results are and adjust. :)

Salamz madam can u please upload puff pastry dough recipe???

Can we prepare and freeze them with your shredded chicken filling a day before and bake the next day??

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Yes absolutely! You can always prep pastry dishes up to 2-4 weeks ahead, then just freeze until you are ready to bake. You will not need to thaw them out, just place them on a greased tray, brush them with egg and pop them into a 180 C oven. Bake until golden and crispy. :)