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4 parathas

A delicious soft yet crispy layered flat-bread, one of my family's personal favourites. Parathas can be had with curries or pickles or just on their own.

1 1/2 cup
all-purpose flour
(you can mix half all purpose and half atta if you like)
2 tbsp.
(plus a bit more for rolling and cooking)
1 tsp.
warm water or milk
(about 1/2 to 3/4 cup)

Add the salt to the flour. Rub in the 2 tbsp ghee, then slowly add in the warm water or milk and knead until you have a lovely soft dough. The more you knead it the softer your parathas/chapatis will be. Once it's kneaded, divide the dough into two balls.

Now click HERE to refer to the step by step method with pictures of how to shape and cook the parathas. 

For square-shaped parathas, check HERE.

For triangular-shaped parathas, check HERE.



What is the all purpose flour?

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

Plain flour.

umm, if it is the plain flour..then what is the atta? :(

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

Whole-wheat flour.

can we use 2tbsp oil instead of ghee?

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Yes you can although oil will not give the best results.

What is the best alternative for ghee,cos I don't know if I can get it here in nigeria.

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Any good vegetable cooking fat will work.

Salam! I hope you are doing well:) . I wanted to make boti paratha roll, like in the restaurants, and wanted to know if I can roll this paratha up with the filling? I've tried making paratha rolls before but I don't know what I do wrong that my parathas always break or crack in the rolling process and are too "khasta". The ones we get in the restaurant are soft and not crumbled. Please advise if I need to do anything different with the parathas for boti rolls? Thank you:)!!

do u live in sl if so do u hv classes

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

No I am not from SL.

Hi plesase help me get my chapatis crispy

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Hi! Keep the heat low and move the chapati around on the tawa when cooking it. This helps get it crisp slowly and gradually so it retains some softness too.

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Hi! Normally that has to do with the kneading or the amount of liquid used in the kneading was not enough. Make sure to warm the liquid that you will use for kneading and knead the dough very well until it is soft.

hello thanks again for ur help what causes chapatis to be hard and like rubber when they cool.

salam sis... hw many hours v want leave thid dough 4 rise?

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W/Salaam, there is no rising time for this recipe as it is not a dough that has yeast. You just set the dough aside to get soft, not to rise. About an hour up to 4 hours is fine.

it is a warm milk or cold milk

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Salam pls fauzia what's d difference btwn pita bread,chapati n tortillas? They all seem to hv similar recipes.jazakallahu khair!

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W/Salaam, pita bread has a hollow in the middle, chapati is made with lots of ghee or cooking fat and tortillas are thinner and lighter.

Salaams! Is it possible to repeat the ghee rolling process again in order to make even more layers or will that affect the texture of the dough?

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W/Salaam, have never tried adding more ghee, the parathas may end up becoming a bit too greasy. But you can try if you like.

What is the best alternative ti the ghee?

Saum Maqbul. :)

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If you have any good vegetable cooking fat you can use it, or butter.

What do you personally recommend one uses, milk or water? Or does it not make any difference at all? The milk should be warm, right?

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I prefer mixing milk and water. Milk makes the dough softer. And yes warm. :)