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Salaam and Greetings FKF Family & Friends,


Welcome to our very first newsletter of 2017!  As we approach into the month of March, we do hope your New Year has started off incredibly.  A quick note to share something new with all our fans, we will now be sending out our newsletters every 2 months instead of every month. 


In December we hosted a double giveaway in which one lucky winner from Facebook and another from Instagram had the chance to each win a kitchen appliance valued at up to $100!  We want to send a 'thank you' to all the fans who entered the competition.  Here are the winners ...


Instagram ...


                    *** Congratulations Fathima! ***


Facebook ...


                           *** Congratulations Adil! ***

Latest Yummies - January and February 

Triple Chocolate Cake


Mutton Liver Soup


Pepper Chicken


Creamy Mince




Hot Rice Cereal


Coconut Pilau


Swahili Chicken

Baked Sweet Potatoe Fries


This Month's Tips - Benefits of Warm Water

If you begin your day by drinking a glass of warm water, fat deposits and toxins circulating in the blood are eliminated from the body.  Research shows that drinking warm water can help you with the following:

Reduces Mucus

Warm water reduces mucus in your nose, throat, and gastrointestinal tract, lowering the chances of virus or bacteria growth in those places.


Boosts Digestion

Warm water causes blood vessels to dilate and lowers blood pressure, which in turn improves digestion. The temp of your stomach is generally high, drinking warm water can help break the food down more easily.


Improves Metabolism

Drinking warm water can increase body temp, which increases your metabolic rate. It also helps your kidneys and gastrointestinal tract to do a better job. This is great for anyone looking to boost their metabolism or lose weight.


Simple Enjoyment

Warm water can actually make you feel good anytime. When you drink warm water, receptors in your mouth, throat, stomach and intestines stimulate the pleasure center in the brain.


Relieves Constipation

Homeopathics recommend drinking warm water to help relieve constipation. They also suggest adding honey or lemon to warm water to help ease constipation. It's recommended to drink warm first thing in the morning before breakfast.


Cleanse & Purifies Blood

Ayurveda advises you to start your day with warm water that has been kept in a copper vessel overnight. This is supposed to help purify the blood and eliminate waste. Copper has a cooling effect on the liver and also has anti aging properties.

*Fauzia's Kitchen Fun does not make any claims about the benefits of drinking warm water. These are simple tips. Please consult your Dr. if you have any questions or concerns. All information shared was collected from online information only. *

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