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June1st, 2014 was a monumental day for Fauzia's Kitchen Fun!  We proudly launched our FKF App for all Android devices and iPhones.  With the Holy Month of Ramadhan now beginning, our FKF App will be the perfect companion in your kitchen for preparing some delicious Ifta/Suhoor meals!


We have both FREE and FULL versions available for you. So hurry up and click on the image above to download a copy onto your mobile right away!  Browsing on FKF has never been easier or more FUN! Happy cooking everyone!

Ramadhan Kareem


Alhamdulillah once again the Month of Mercy is upon us.  May the blessings of this Holy month of Ramadhan brighten the light of faith in our hearts and strengthen our Imaan. 


May Allah (SWT) grant us forgiveness, good health and tawfeeq.  Ameen.  Let us all remember each other in our duas during this beautiful and blessed month!




Ramadhan Recipes


To help you with your Iftaar/Suhoor meal ideas, we have created a special selection of tasty and healthy Ramadhan recipes that will add variety and nutrition to your table.


Please click on the image above to get access to our folder or click on this link here:

Latest Yummies

Sayyadieh   Guacamole   Tortilla Chips   Pico de Gallo
Achari Chicken   Chocolate Truffles   Tandoori Lamb Chops   Paneer Tikka
Chicken Madras   Pani Puri   Egg Salad Sandwich   Vibibi

Muslim Aid

We at FKF are so proud of this amazing organization called Muslim Aid.  They are a well established faith - based British humanitarian charity, doing inspirational work in eliminating poverty and its causes by developing innovative and sustainable solutions that enable individuals and their communities to live with dignity. For UK based residents, please click on the image above to access their site and support them as much as possible. Escpecially during this blessed Holy Month of Ramadhan.


Button Collection

Still looking for that perfect Eid outfit?  We suggest you try our friends at 'Button Collection' for gorgeous Women's Desi Party wear at prices anyone can afford. 

Visit them by clicking on the image above and take advantage of their generous $15off coupon code by entering FKF15 between July 2nd - July 7th.

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Instagram Giveaway

We currently have over 4500 and growing Instagram fans!  We had our very first Instagram giveaway and it was a huge success and boy did we ever have fun!


Congratulations to our winner Sybha_sheikh from Tanzania!


Please click on the image above and do join our Instagram family for some fun times and great giveaways.


This Month's Ramadhan Meal Planning Tips

Ramadhan is a month where most of us make the common mistake of preparing rich and sumptious meals to compensate for the many hours of fasting.  However, we need to get smart about our Iftar and Suhoor choices.  Here are 10 excellent tips that can maintain one's health and weight during the month of fasting as well as keep you feeling satisfied for longer.

1. High Sugar Foods/Drinks

Avoid food and /or drinks that contain high amounts of sugar, artificial additives and colour.  Not only are those high in calories, foods with high sugar content are digested fast and increase your blood sugar levels, which leaves you feeling hungry faster.




2.  Caffeine

Coffee and tea contain caffeine, a diuretic that stimulates the process of excreting water from the body adn so it will leave you feeling thirsty. 


Try to stick with water, soups, green tea adn fresh healthy home-made fruit juices for drinks.


3.  Desserts

Desserts in Ramadhan need to be light and simple. Stick with fresh fruits, nuts and milk based sweets and puddings like custard, faloodas, rasmalai and so on instead of heavier fried or syrup-laden ones like gulab jamuns, baklavas and jalebis.  Serve dessert at least one hour or two after Iftar, never immediately after.


4.  Deep Fried Foods

Cut down on deep fried foods.  Such foods will leave you feeling bloated and heavy and will cause unwated weight gain.


Serve baked foods instead or shallow fry the food if you must.


5.  Breaking Fast/Iftar

Breaking your fast should be gradual. Begin with water & dates, small hot appetisers like soups or shurba, light salads and yoghurts or a small cup of fresh juice. Chew and swallow food slowly in order to speed up your digestion and regulate your weight.


6.  Light Whole Wheat Roti

Instead of serving heavy parathas or pastries, switch to lighter whole wheat rotis which have little or no oil or brown bread to serve at Iftar/Suhoor.  These will be easier to digest, are healthier for the body and will keep one feeling full longer.


7.  Salt

Avoid salty or overly spiced foods as they may cause heartburn or indigestion. It can also make you quite thirsty.  If you must serve or eat spicy food, be sure to also include yoghurt with your meal to help counter the spice and cool the stomach.


8. Water

Drink plenty of water during the non fasting hours, but stagger it so you are not straining your stomach by filling it with too much water all at once.  Have a few sips after Iftar, then a glass after every hour or two.


9. Excercise

The best time to exercise is an hour or two after you break your fast.  Start with something light such as walking, jogging, swimming or yoga.  Try to include at least 30 minutes of excercise daily during the month of Ramadhan and make sure to stay hyrdated with plenty of fluids.


10.  Suhoor

Suhoor should be a wholesome, moderate meal that is filling and provides enough energy for many hours.  It is therefore particularly important to include slow digesting foods at this time.  Focus on taking in foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates and protein, fruits and vegetables, and plenty of water.  Some excellent examples are lean protein meats, brown bread, oatmeal, fruits like bananas, apples and avocados, lentils, brown rice, eggs, yoghurt, nuts, dates and figs.


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