Mtabaq Lahem/Keema Chapatis

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Makes 8

At home we normally call these Keema chapatis! Basically you beat an egg into some pre-dried spicy mince meat, and then you sandwich the mixture in a thin chapati and then cook this gently over a flame exactly as you would rotis/chapatis. Really filling stuff and goes oh so well with spicy tamarind sauce and a salad!

Ingredients for Chapati Wrap
1 1/2 cup
all-purpose/plain flour
1 tsp.
water for kneading
oil and flour for later

Mix the flour and salt, then knead with the water into a hard dough. We don't put oil in this dough....try and knead it as much as possible, but make sure it's a harder dough than the usual soft dough which you would do for buns.

Leave the dough covered for about 15 minutes, then make 6 equal sized balls.

Roll each ball out thin, to the size of a dinner-plate. Once all are rolled out, place the first circle, apply oil on the top side very thoroughly (make sure the oiling is done evenly) then sprinkle some flour. Take the 2nd circle, apply oil on both sides of it and pile it on the first circle. Again sprinkle flour. Keep going like this until you have piled all 6 circles one on top of the other making sure you don't forget to oil and flour in between (to help separate them later).

Once all are done, roll out this pile to a slightly bigger size making sure it is as even in thickness as possible.

Heat a large flat roti tava (or even a flat cooking pan's cover if you don't have a big enough pan). Make sure the heat is on very very low. Place your rolled out pile on the tava and keep turning it and moving it around n turning it over fairly often so that it doesn’t over-cook. If it over-cooks the layers wont separate later. You can keep switching off the stove every so often so that the heat is not too much.

Once you find the topmost layers slightly done with tiny bubbles n very light brown patches, peel them out gently n carefully, then lay them aside on a soft cloth. Continue heating the pile and keep peeling off the layers one by one until all the wraps are done and separated from the pile.

Now, to make the chapatis, you will need the above wraps, samosas keema, an egg for each chapati and some flour mixed with water for the sealing.

HERE is my Keema Recipe.

Cut out the rounded edges to form a square shape. Put your keema (about half a small bowl) beaten with an egg mixture in the center shaping it in a smaller square inside the wrap and fold over it so that the mixture is enclosed, sealing the overlaps using the flour and water mixture (like you would do for wrapping samosas).

Cook these keema chapatis on a tava over low heat, applying a bit of oil now and then and turning them regularly. Serve with a salad!


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You can try with one first and see how it works, let me know how it turns out!

i've brought some roti wraps from local market,can i make this n samosas from that wrap( i purchased wheat one )coz we can't get samosa patti here in Australia,thanx sis

asalamu alaykum,l have try most of ur receipe and it has turn good than u so mch my GOD reward u for al dis amin.

Sorry fauzia,but this keema roti cannot be called mtabaq. We make it totally differently.

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There are many ways to prepare just about any dish. :)

A.salams dear hop ur oky wana try this on friday inshALLAH but i have a question coz am lil confused this mkate wa keem u make only with the wraps onlY? coz back home i rem they used to make flour like chapati then in the middle they keep wraps withfilled with keema then they fol?? ama this is the short way ;) n hey congrat to be the winner in comption happy for u

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W/Salaam, yes this is the short-cut method haha, thank you! :)

do v hv to add beaten egg to the cooked keema mixture before stuffing inside the chappatis

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Yes, it holds the keema together.

jazakallah for the quick reply

salams sis, wat do u mean by white flour? is it all purpose flour

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W/Salaam, yes. :)

assalam o alaekom may allah reward u for your efforts.pls tell me if they can be made in advance till the samosa wrapping part n cooked later if yes please advise how n how much in advance.jazakillah khair.planning to make them today.

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W/Salaam, you can prepare the whole thing to the end, then lightly cook it on a tawa/flat pan but not all the way until it is crip and done, just half-way until it has some light golden spots here and there. Then allow to cool, wrap and refrigerate or freeze. When needed, let them thaw then place them on a lightly oiled pan and cook on both sides until done. :)

How many parathas can we make out of this recipe

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Assalam allaikum. Tried keema chapati today. Every one enjoyed it and compared it to what we get in Kenya. :) Jazak Allah for sharing. Just wondering whether i could roll out the chapatis, stack them with oil and sprinkled flour as required then peel them without heating them on tava and instead directly put the keema and egg and cook it. Is it a possibility?

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W/Salaam, thank you! They will not separate easily if you stack them and not heat them up. The heating allows them to separate.

Yummmyyy.... tried this today... was delicious!!!! However I tried to make a healthier version by using chicken kheema and whole wheat precooked rotis.... Results were Fabulous!!!