Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

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6 lava cakes

The molten chocolate lava cake is truly one of the most delicious and most romantic desserts. Is there anything more luscious than a moist warm chocolatey cake with a deliciously rich chocolate filling that spills out as you dip your spoon in? If you've never tasted this divine dish, then you are missing out!!

I love to serve this with vanilla or coffee ice-cream, the warm chocolate goes soo beautifully with the cool soothing flavour of ice-cream. It also goes well with softly whipped cream and fruits.

1/4 cup
1/2 cup
butter, at room temperature
large whole eggs
egg yolks
2 tbsp.
plain/all purpose flour
2 tbsp.
icing sugar, sifted
pinch of salt
2 tbsp.
half n half cream or whole milk, at room temperature
1 tsp.
6 oz.
semi-sweet chocolate, chopped

This makes 6 lava cakes. First, butter 6 ramekins very well to make sure the cakes don't stick in them during baking, then dust them with a bit of flour or sugar. (I used 4 oz. ramekins, each is about half a cup in size. You can use a muffin pan if you do not have ramekins, just don't use any liners and make sure you butter the pan very well)

Chop the chocolate, put it in a heatproof bowl along with the butter, icing sugar and milk. Place over a double boiler and melt whilst stirring every now and then until you have a smooth mixture. You can even melt this in the microwave. Set aside and let this mixture cool.

Put the eggs and egg yolks in another bowl, add the sugar, salt and vanilla and beat using a beater or whisk until the eggs turn light and lemony in color and ribbons form when you lift the beaters out of the mixture. Now gently add the melted chocolate mixture a little at a time, and using a whisk, briskly whisk together to combine. Keep adding the chocolate mixture until all is mixed into the egg mixture.

Sift the flour over your batter and gently whisk it in until the mixture is well-combined. Very little flour is added in this recipe because the main purpose of the flour here is to help hold everything together, the dessert is mainly a rich chocolaty one.

Now divide this batter amongst the prepared ramekins. Place them on a tray, cover with cling film and refrigerate for at least an hour, although you can refrigerate for up to 24 hours before baking.

If the batter is refrigerated for longer than 6 hours, it would be best to keep the ramekins out for about an hour before popping them into the preheated oven so they lose some of the chill before baking. They also will need a few minutes longer to bake. :)

When ready to bake, preheat the oven at 200 C and then place the ramekins on a tray and pop them into the center rack of your oven. The baking time ranges from around 10-15 minutes depending on different ovens and different tastes. What I did when I first made these is, I baked just one cake first and checked how it turned out. I have a fan-assisted oven and was satisfied with the results at exactly 12 minutes. You can try first with just one and see how it turns out, if you want it a bit more solid, bake the next batch for 1-2 minutes extra, if you want the center softer, bake for less time. Since these gorgeous cakes don't take long to cook, it shouldn't be hard finding the perfect baking time to suit your taste. You can't go wrong, coz if baked less it still will taste fantastic and gooey and if baked too long, you still end up with a yummy moist chocolate cake. :))

Once you get them out of the oven, place the ramekins on a wire rack to cool slightly, about 2-3mins. Then run a knife around each cake to make sure it isn't stuck and carefully turn each one over on a plate. Dust with icing sugar. Serve with a scoop of ice-cream and enjoy the most decadent and ultra-delicious dessert ever!




just made it, it is so goood, the only thing bad happened with me was when i turned it got a hole and all molten came out. then i jerked it and the rest of surrounding came out too. so my presentation was bad, thats why no pic, but the taste is out of this world

Fauzia I tried this lava cake and it was awesome .I served it with ice cream .My children loved it too much and told me to make it for their friends party .just that i skipped cream but the result was equally good .next time i will try it with there any recipe to make this lava cake in vanilla flavour ,i want to serve it with chocolate ice cream .Thanks a lot for this recipe.

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W/Salaam, thank you Farzana for that lovely comment. I doubt it will be possible to get the same moist results with vanilla lava cake, but will look into that and see if we can come up with something close. Keep checking in! :)

what chocolate did u use?

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Any good quality semi-sweet chocolate will do.

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Hi dear and thank you! Please translate the last bit for me in English?

hello Fauzia
I made these
taste was good
lekin aik masla hua , they rose up aur jab nikala to bech may se beth gaye :(w

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

Nope, none. :)

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

I see, maybe it needed to be baked a little bit more. Was it molten in the center?

hey can i use galaxy milk choco for this ?

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

Yes you can.

Ok thanks for such a quick more it necessary to refrigerate before baking?

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Yes it is if you want a molten center.

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W/Salaam, it shouldn't smell eggy, did you use vanilla essence? And were the eggs completely fresh? The fresher the eggs the less the smell. As for baking temperature, that should remain THE SAME. Just adjust the time depending on the results you get. Reduce the time until you find the perfect time for how you prefer them to be. Good luck!

Um i dont have ramekins so is there a substitution?

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You can use muffin pans. Grease them well! :)

No baking powder or bakin soda is needed??

molten cake raised well and when I took it our from oven
it became flat.

Its Luks realllyy Awsum! Can I use paper cups instead??

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Yes you can although it would be a bit messy.

Aslm fauzia appi....
i tried this but the molten part was eggy... it smelt slightly like egg and had a very distant egg taste too..... please let me know how i can avoid it....
also if i use a muffin try, what temperature should the oven be? cz the temperature mentioned above causes it to turn out as moist brownies with no molten-ness in it.... let me know the time and temperature for baking in muffin tray.... thankyou appi

wat do u mean by "don’t use any liners " and can i mak a big cake instead of makin small ones

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W/Salaam, it means do not use cupcake liners. And no I would not recommend making a big cake, these are supposed to be small to retain the molten centers.

thank u

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Best to use butter for this recipe.

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Yes preferably.

what is half and half cream? and how should i make it? also, once i take the lava cakes out of the oven do they retain their texture for about an hour before i serve them?Thankyou

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It is just a light cream that is used in coffee and on desserts. And no, these are best baked and served right away.

hi, how long can i keep this molten cake when i take it out of the oven. because im planning on baking this for a friend's birthday and planning to surprise him when we're out. so how long will it stay molten?

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Hi, unfortunately this is one dish that needs to be served immediately after baking, not longer than 15 minutes after the cakes come out of the oven.


If we pop the cake in the microwave again just to reheat it, will we get the achieve the same molten effect?

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It might, have never tried that. :)

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Hi, yes dark chocolate.

hey.. by semi-sweet u mean dark cooking chocolate right? or a milk chocolate?

hi fauzia - this seems like a great recipe. can chocolate chips be used instead of the semi sweet chocolate?

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Hi, yes you can.

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

Yes I think they would work just fine.

Can I use foil paper cups? I dont have ramekins...

Hi fauzia, i wanted to ask if we can use normal glasses for baking ?

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Hi, if they are oven-safe then you can. Otherwise do not risk as they might shatter in the oven.

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Sure, if they are oven-proof they are fine.

AOA, can i use pyrex oven safe bowls to make this dish. I am dying to try this yummmyyy recipe.

asslam allikom how are you . can i make lava cake in tea mugs in peasre cookr ? pls reply i want to make it tomorrow its so yummy love your dishes take care

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W/Salaam, have never tried the lava cake in a pressure cooker..cannot be sure on how the results will be.

salams i want to try bt i have only muffin tray can i do it with what precaution shd i take can u reply me soon i need to make this tomorrow its so tempting

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W/Salaam, yes you can use it but grease it well for the cakes to come out. They will be very delicate coz of the molten center so be gentle when removing them. Also the timing may vary, do a test run to check how long you will need for them to be done to perfection.