Mini Cheeseburger Sandwiches

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Makes 30 Sandwiches

These yummy cheesy tiny sandwiches are just perfect for little hands, or to serve as finger food. The miniature burgers are no bigger than 2.5", so one can easily gobble each of these cuties in just two quick bites!

1 kg
beef mince
(you can use mutton mince too if you prefer it, although beef tastes better)
6 medium
onions, grated
slices of bread, soaked in water then drained
(squeeze out all excess water)
bunch chopped coriander
1 tsp.
ginger paste
1 tsp.
garlic paste
2 tbsp.
gram flour
1 tsp.
garam masala
2 tsp.
dhana jeera
(if you have it)
2 tsp.
freshly ground cumin powder
1 tsp.
turmeric powder
green chillies, chopped finely
juice of 1 lemon
1 tbsp.
butter or margarine
salt to taste
1 tsp.
black pepper
(more if you prefer hotter kababs)
a pinch of soda bicarbonate
(baking soda)
Ingredients for Cheeseburger Sandwich
slices of bread
mozzarella and cheddar cheese
kabab patties
salad and other toppings of your choice

Remove a small portion of the raw mince and set it aside. (Less than quarter). We'll use this later on.

Put the remaining mince directly into a pan, and add some coriander, garam masala, dhana jeera, cumin powder, turmeric, salt, ginger/garlic, green chillies and some of the lemon.

Place the pan on medium heat and dry the mince, keep stirring the mixture regularly so that it it's evenly cooked and doesn't form lumps. Once it's totally dry (when you notice it starting to stick to the bottom of the pan) spill the mixture into a bowl and set it aside for a while. Using the same pan, put the butter, heat it a little, then add the grated onions and black pepper and stir fry them until the onions soften.

Pour back the dried mince into the onions n stir thoroughly on low heat. Taste and adjust salt/pepper/lemon according to your taste. Switch off and let the mixture cool.

Once the mixture is completely cool, add the raw mince you had set aside earlier, gram flour, egg, the soaked n drained bread and the pinch of soda bicarbonate (helps make the kababs soft but make sure you add this right before frying otherwise your kababs will be too soft and might fall apart in the oil). Mix thoroughly until the mixture is completely combined.

For a bbq aroma in the kababs, here is an optional step you can add. Make a dip in the center of the mixture, put a small piece of foil, light a coal n place it on the foil, then pour a drop of oil on the coal and cover the bowl for about 2 minutes so that the mixture of kabab has a nice smoked smell.

Shape the kababs into tiny little patties, and fry! These kababs can be made and fried up to a week ahead of time, just wrap them well and freeze, thaw them out in the microwave when you are ready to assemble your burgers.

If kababs break during frying, mash them back in the mixture and add a bit of gram flour, shape and fry again.

Now you just have to put together your cheeseburger sandwiches.

Take the slices of bread of your choice. Using a round cookie cutter, cut out circles from the bread. You can use the remaining bread edges to make breadcrumbs and store.
Butter one side of the bread cut-outs then toast them lightly. Spread a tiny bit of ketchup or mayo on the toasted cut-outs then top them with salad, finely sliced capsicum n tomato slices and any other topping that you like, followed by the kabab.

Top with grated mozzarella and cheddar cheese and a bit of ketchup.

Grill for a few minutes in the oven until cheese is melted.

Serve warm and enjoy! :)

For step by step instructions/pictures, please click HERE.



fathima sahla shafeek's picture

salamz.......hmmmmm ur recipes are superb..........

fathima sahla shafeek's picture

madam iwant to knw how to make this burger bun dough..........pls replay ................madam

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

For this I just used bread slices, cut into circles.

Rizzi's picture

Salams sis.. When you say freeze for later use,(even in another recipe i read, we can freeze the fillings and use later) does it mean to keep in the deep freezer or refrigerate in the normal cooling part?

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, it means to freeze (in the deep freezer) not refrigerate.

Slm...hop or gud. First than so much for having a big heart n sharing lovely recipes with us. U have no idea he much uv actually helped me out by creating the site...uv made my cooking solo much easier n better alhamdulillah...
I hv tried most of ur recipes n they hv all turned out delicious mashallah. I make these sandwiches in form of burgers n every time I make they turn out better than before...
I must say your website is a must hv in the kitchen....I'm kinda addicted to it drives a passion in me to Cook diferent varieties for my family...
Thank you so much once again fr helping us become better cooks. May Allah reward you-ameen

The taste was great but the burgers kept breaking up while frying.i did add the baking side just before frying so I am not sure where I went wrong or are these burgers supposed to be on the soft side (like shami kebabs) or not? What could I have done to have them hold better? Is there anything further I can do to salvage the ones already fried?

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

They would only break if there is extra moisture in the mixture. You could add either breadcrumbs or gram flour to absorb any excess moisture and that will help them hold up better on frying.

Hi can i use left over samosa keema in this?

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

Hi, yes you can.