Mango Mousse

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Serves 8

A light and creamy dessert that can be served on it's own or sandwiched between layers of cake to make Mango Mousse Cake.

ripe mangoes
(not over-ripe, but they should be sweet)
sachet of halaal mango-flavored gelatin dessert powder
(about 85gm)
1 cup
(you will adjust according to taste depending on sweetness of your mangos)
1 1/2 cup
whipping cream, whipped to soft peaks
(don't over-whip)
1 tsp.

Prepare the gelatin as per the box instructions and set aside till it comes to room temperature (do not let it set).

Peel and slice up your mangos, and set aside about half a cup of cubed pieces of mango for later. Put the remaining mango slices into your blender and add the gelatin liquid and some sugar, blend together until completely smooth and then taste for sweetness. If it's perfect for you, then pour it into a big glass bowl, then throw in the mango cubes and mix, leaving a few pieces aside for final decoration.

Whip the cream with the vanilla and a tbsp. of sugar, making sure you don't whip until stiff, the cream should have soft peaks. Then remove a little of the cream for decoration, and gently fold in the remaining into the mango mixture until completely incorporated. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate preferably overnight for the mousse to set. Serve in bowls with some whipping cream n mango cube topping. Ultra delicious!



can we use the mango pulp as we donot have good mnangoes

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Yes that would be fine. :)

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Yes you can dear.

Dear fauzia, i am planning to try this recipe tonite. However i am worried about the amount of geletin.It is 85grams, meaning 5-6 the amount fine? wont it be too much?

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I use the dessert packet/flavoured gelatin and it works out perfectly for me. If you are used to the gelatin you normally use, then please alter the amount to suit your personal experience with the brand you are using, basically we want the mousse to have that thick mousse-like consistency. Different gelatins have different strengths.

If I am using mango plup for this recepie intead of fresh mangoes how much pulp will I need?

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Around 500-600gm of mango pulp

how much mango pulp? i mean how many cups? as u know that mangoe comes in different sizes ? so kindly explain this point. and how many servings this recipe fulfills ? (i know that this second question is a bit foolish as i'm a big lover of souflais and mousse my self one big bowl would b enough for me )

Salam! Plz fauzia wat is gelatine and whipped cream?

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W/Salaam, gelatin helps to thicken certain liquids to get them to a semi-solid what is used to make jelly. Whipped cream is heavy cream with over 35% fat content which is whipped until light and fluffy and can be used to frost cakes or as a dessert topping.

Hello Fauzia, by mango gelatin dessert powder you meant normal mango jelly or is it some special type as it is hard for me to find halal gelatin , thanks a lot

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Hi Fatima! Yes I use mango jelly powder and it works perfectly. :)

salam i cant get halal gelatin, wat else can i use to make mango mousse and how to use in da receipe, thanx

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W/Salaam, you can use agar-agar (natural gelatin) or mango jelly powder.

did you use vanilla essence?

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Yes I did.

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As already answered in a previous comment above, you will need around 500-600gm of pulp. That's around 2 and a half cups to 3 cups. This should be enough for 10-12 people depending on portions.

thanx alot

Salaam fauzia. Quick question, if I wanted to chocolate mousse instead, how many chocolates do I need to use and which gelatine toe would I need. It wouldn't be the mango gelatine right? Thank you.

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W/Salaam, please refer to my chocolate mousse recipe here: Chocolate Mousse

fauzia here in mumbai-india we r getting gelatine in powder form, the plain one,dont knw abot the flavour, so how much tbsp/tsp should i use??

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Gelatines have different strengths, I would suggest that you try with 1 tbsp first. See how the results turn out. If you want it thicker, next time you can add more gelatine, and if you prefer the mousse lighter or more fluid, you will then use less.

oh oh :) jazakAllahu khair dear :)

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W/Salaam, approximately 2-3 tbsp.

dear fauzia your recipes are simply owesom i love it keep it up :)

can i use instead nestle cream instead of whipped cream as its not available here ?

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You need a cream that can whip up to soft peaks. Try checking for double cream or heavy cream.

As'salaam Alaikum Wa'rahmatullahi Wa'barakatahu.

I was just wondering if you could help me, I have a few places i can buy halal flavored gelatin from however i'm not 100% sure if i could trust them completely; so i was hoping you could assist me and share with me where i could buy halal Gelatin from. Please

Jazak'Allah Kairun
Wa'alaikum As'salaam Wa'rahmatullahi Wa'barakatahu. :)

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W/Salaam, fold it in.


After mixing in the whipped cream with the mango mixture at the end should i mix it with the spoon or should just fold in? thx a tone love ur allllllllll recipes its really inspiring me to cook jazakallah

I'm planning on making this for a dinner party. How far in advance can I make the mousse?

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Up to 2 days ahead of serving. I prefer making it the day before.

I normally dont make desserts. However for Christmas holidays I intend to try variouse. ;)Hope they turn good.

My question is...'gently fold in the remaining whip cream in the mango mixture until incorporated well'....what do you mean by ' gently fold'

Thanking you for your answer..and all the lovely recipes.:)


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W/Salaam, it means to mix with a light hand using a folding motion instead of vigorous stirring.

ASAK Fauzia,
I made this last night but it didn't set the way mousse should.. Is there a way to fix it? Add more gelatin? If so, how?
Thank you!!

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W/Salaam, you can add more gelatin but also make sure that you do not over mix once the whipped cream goes into it.

asalam alykum i like ur site please would like to know if you can get recipe of kashata za njugu please.Thznks in advance

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W/Salaam, will try.

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Asaluamu alaikum. Can I use normal gelatine and how much should I use please thanx

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W/Salaam. 1 tbsp should be enough.

salam. By vanilla here in the recipe you mean vanilla essence ..right?

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W/Salaam, yes vanilla essence. :)

Salam Fauzia
I could not find mango flavor gelatin(jelly). Only have plain gelatin, will it work?


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W/Salaam, yes that is fine.

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cAN'T this be altered to serve as date mousse as in sandwiching for a date cake?

Do you know of the method?

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You can. Replace mango with deseeded dates and use vanilla or plain flavoured gelatin/jelly powder.

can i use Mango pulp instead of fresh mangoes