How to Fold Spring Rolls

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Here is a step by step on how to shape springrolls.



This is for those that want to learn how to roll up a spring roll. It is a googled image. Hope it comes in useful for someone! :)

PS: Here is my spring roll filling: Spring Roll Filling 

And this is how they look when fried and ready to serve: Spring Rolls 

Enjoy! :)


nice Job fauziaaa.... jazakallah

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Yes it is dear, it's just cut in a bigger shape but it's the same kind of pastry.

what do we use to stick the sides of rolls?

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Either flour and water paste (like the type we use for sealing samosas) or egg white.

Thanks for the reply :)
bless you and ur family

Fauzia aslm alkm, thnx 4ur ideas... I've become a great cook lately even my hubby praise me. All thanx 2u! :) ALLAH bless u!!

Maashallah wil give it a shot inshaa Allah

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W/Salaam, once the oil is hot, add the spring rolls and turn the heat down to medium low, let them fry slowly until they change colour, then increase the heat to push out the oil from the folds. Remove and drain on kitchen towels. Try to keep the rolls separate so they get to cool properly all around instead of the steam from each other making them go soft.


Could you please tell if there's any way to make sure the rolls stay crispy? Everything stays perfect when i make them except for the crisp :/

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W/Salaam, inshaAllah will post a recipe soon.

Thankyouuu so muchhh! :D

Jazallahu Hairan. I'll try it Insha Allah

I made spring rolls for the first time using this recipe. Extremely helpful and yummy recipe, thank you Fauzia :)

How do u make manda for the samosas or spring roll (wat u put the filling in)

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Recipe for the wrap is included here: Samosa Recipe

Assalaam aleikum Fauzia..can you help me to make basbusa?

Salaams Fauzia,

For soem reason, I'm unable to view the full picture of how to fold the spring rolls. I would appreciate if you could please email me the picture so that I can go ahead and learn:).

Much appreciated,

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W/Salaam, I have emailed you the image.

assalam fauzia
me too not able to see the pictures of how to wrap plz mail me.
and plz tell me that what material do i use for wrap. a roomali roti, normal tava roti, or something made of maida, and plz if it shoud be made up of maida than plz tell me how to made it for best results at all.

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W/Salaam, I will email the pic, and you need to use maida/plain flour.

i couldn't get the pics clearly, could you pls explain how to fold spring roll.

Dear Fauzia, Assalamualaykum. can you please advice me how to half fry the spring rolls before storing them in the freezer. Also, i would like to know if we can use white onions instead of spring onions. thanks.

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Fry the spring rolls for just a few minutes until they are solid but not golden yet. Then drain and place them on a tray and freeze until completely frozen, then pack them up in airtight freezer bags or containers. When ready to serve, simply heat up the oil and fry them straight from the freezer until golden and crispy.

nice job this image is very useful thanks alot u r so sweet:)