How to Fold Samosa

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Here is a step by step on how to fill and fold samosas.



Here is a Googled image on how to fold samosas neatly. Hope it helps someone! :)

And here is my favourite samosa filling: Keema Filling


Really helpful


Dis is really helpful.A million thnx

I don't understand step 3 can you explain further please


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It means turn the wrap (after step 2) once again to reach the end.

I think the cakes are yummmmmy I am trying the marble cake right now on the stove top and its ready and it taste devine thanks for your recipes I am going to try them everyday thanks again

asalam aleykum
i was asking i bought the ready made manda.After putting everything inside the manda,like meat and everything,i covered them n waited for a while but wen i started frying them the manda opend inside the karai please would u tell me what went wrong?

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W/Salaam, could be that the manda was not fresh. Did you seal them properly with flour and water paste?


Jazaka Allah khair for the samosa folding tutorial. TC

Sallam fauzia plls what of the recipes of samosa?

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W/Salaam, please type samosa in the search bar and you will get several different recipe versions. Or check the snacks album. :)