Home Made Ice Cream - Step by Step

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Makes 2 litres

Did you know that making ice-cream can be as easy as 1,2, 3?

Well this is a version of making ice-cream that will literally blow your mind! All it takes is 2 ingredients plus flavorings of your choice and you end up with the most delicious, creamiest, tastiest ice-cream! Almost like the ready-made version! Maybe even slightly better because with this recipe you get to make LITERALLY whichever flavor your heart desires.

I've made vanilla-cake ice-cream and cookie-crumb chocolate ice-cream, pictured above.

2 cups
whipping cream
1 can
sweetened condensed milk
(390 ml)
1/4 tsp
2 tsp
vanilla essence
1/4 - 1/3 cup
flavourings of choice (fruits, crumbled cake, cookies, mint chips etc)

There are two versions of ice-creams, the custard based ones....which are lengthy and involve the cooking of egg yolks to form a custard, using an ice-cream machine or freezing and re-freezing the ice-cream every few hours...etc etc....and then there is this method, which is a quick-fix version.

Step 1:  Whip 2 cups of whipping cream with a quarter tsp. of salt and 2 tsp. vanilla essence until stiff peaks form.

Step 2:  Mix 1 can of good quality condensed sweet milk (about 390 ml) with any flavourings that you want, then fold this into the cream. (Ideas of flavouring given below)

Step 3:  Freeze for minimum 6-8 hours and then serve!

For my vanilla cake ice-cream, I had some leftover vanilla cake, crumbed it up (about 1 cup) and mixed that with the sweet condensed milk, then folded it in the whipped cream.

For the cookie-crumb ice-cream, I crumbed up some chocolate chip cookies (also about 1 cup), added that to the sweet condensed milk, added 2 tsp. cocoa powder, drizzled some chocolate syrup, mixed these together then folded into the cream.

So basically, you add everything you want into the condensed sweet milk, mix it well, then add into the whipped cream and fold until combined. Here are some more ideas of what you flavours you can add, remember, you don't have to stick with just one...you can make a combination of stuff like nuts and chocolate, mint and chocolate etc:

- Coconut
- You can add some melted butter for a creamier finish. (1-2 tbsp.)
- Pieces of chocolate like chocolate chips, mars, bounty, snickers, M&M's, chopped maltesers, kit Kat...etc
- Nuts of your choice
- Peppermint
- Food Colouring that you want
- Fruits (you can puree them and add to make mango ice-cream, peach ice-cream, banana ice-cream, strawberry ice-cream...etc)
- Cake or Cookies or Cheesecake
- Different essences or flavours like cinnamon, lemon, strawberry, coffee etc
- Caramel, dulce de leche, toffee, chocolate sauce, peanut butter, etc

With this ice-cream, the sky is the limit. You can mix just about anything that you like!! I whipped the cream, divided it into two lots then flavoured each one differently so I could have 2 ice-cream flavours from the same amount. Got a litre of ice-cream of each yummy flavour.

Try the recipe and tell me what amazing flavours you tried!!


Hi, I tried this ice-cream. I added 1 mango puree in it, but its taste was not at all like mango ice-cream. :( Its texture was very good but I could only taste vanilla essence not the mango. Is there any special way to prepare mango puree OR we just have to puree mango by pressing it and add it in the sweet condensed milk. My mom scolded me for ruining everything :( Can you please help me?

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Hi! Next time use this recipe for preparing the mango puree before adding it to the ice-cream. Mango Puree

Thank you :) will definitely try. I hope it would turn out good this time.

hi,I was wondering,do I have to have an icecream machine to b able to make icecream???

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Hi, no need for an ice-cream machine.

what is whipping cream?? Do we have to whip the cream which we get in a dairy?? Or it is available in the stores. Please let me know.Allahfiz:)

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It comes ready made, sold in the refrigerated isles of most supermarkets.

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Sorry at the moment I do not have much time to make videos, maybe in the future.

hi can i use condensed milk, does it have to specifically be sweet condensed milk?

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Yes it needs to be sweetened.

salaams...does the condensed milk hve to be cold? And does it hve to be beaten first before adding flavours to it?

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W/Salaam, no it doesn't need to be cold or beaten first.

a.alkm fauzia..op ua doin wel insha Allah.i was wondering when u say two cups of whippin cream shud we stil stick to ua measurments?n when i add cake or cookies to d condnsed milk,if it becomes soggy is it ok?plus wen i choose to divide into two so i cud av two flavours shud i divide d milk also?sorry for troubling u.im planning to make dis for eid insha Allah...thank u in advance,ur d best!

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W/Salaam,not sure what you mean, best to follow the recipe exactly for perfect results. And yes if you divide in two then divide the condensed milk as well. Also, instead of adding the crumbs and cake into the milk, add it separately and then mix it all up.

a.alkm fauzia..thx fo ol ua wonderful recipes...d kit hen is a fu. place to be now lol..my question is wen i mix cookies n milk it wnt b soggy? o is dT hw its supposd to b?then wen i wNt to make two flavours after av divided d cream shud i divide d milk also?thx in adv

a.alkm sorry dint c ua reply...ignore dis 1.thx

vanilla essence has a alcohol in it,is there subsitute for vanilla?

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Actually there are MANY vanilla versions which are alcohol-free. :) You just have to find them from any halal outlets or order them online. Otherwise use any other essence of your preference for different flavours.

Not necessarily. The ones we get here in the MiddleEast do not contain alcohol, but have monopropylene glycol as the solvent. Simply read the label for ingredients and avoid the ones that have 'ethyl alcohol' or 'ethanol' in it.

Looks yummy... Will try this soon!!

2 cup whipping cream is equal to how much ml??

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Tried this and it came out fab!!!!!!

Salam alaykum Fauzia.. Had a query on the quantity of mango sauce needed to make mango ice-cream using the above recipe. Is it the same as that given in your mango sauce recipe of using 2 mangoes?

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W/Salaam, yes, you will need to just add half a cup of that thick sauce. :)

Salam Fauzia

Should I use beater or mix by hand for this recipe?


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W/Salaam, whip the cream with a beater but when mixing the ingredients just stir with a spatula or spoon.

Salam Fauzia

Tried the recipe today and it turned out too good :D can't believe its so easy. :P

I used Nestle Condensed milk (sweetened). Is there any way I can reduce the sweetness, should I reduce the amount of condensed milk or increase salt? Is it possible?


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W/Salaam, thanks for the lovely feedback! Yes you can use three-quarter of a can of the condensed milk to make it less sweet. I also noticed when I add crushed cookies that are not too sweet, like digestives, it makes it less sweet and adds extra texture.

Thanks Fauzia. I had one more question.. I added chocolate pieces in the ice cream. When i took it out after the required time, all the chocolate pieces sank to the bottom. Tastes great but is there any way, they can spread throughout the ice cream?

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Maybe give the icecream a stir before it full sets. Also make sure the pieces are chopped very very finely or grate them if possible so they stay light.

Will do that next time. Thanks

salam.......fozia i tried ur home made icecream yesterday and i have no words .........it was awesomelyy delicious so yummy fluffy and soft it was thousands time better than the branded ones.............,m so thankful to u............u have made my life very ezi...........my family loved it they said its yummmyyy amazing :)

Can we use double creme instead of whip cream???

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It should be ok, try with half the amount of the recipe. Normally whipping cream gives lighter/fluffier results.

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salamz ...i made this ice cream yesterday nd it was too tasty.thank u 4ur recipes.

Hello, I want to add cardamom and saffron, how much of it do you recommend?

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Hi, both are strong flavours so not more than half a teaspoon of cardamom powder and a couple of pinches of crushed saffron. Then give it a taste and decide if you want it stronger.


salam sister fauzia:
I made the ice cream it was good and smooth.But it melts quickly about 2-3 minutes can i the time longer
I am eagerly waiting for it

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W/Salaam, not sure what you can to to ensure it doesn't melt quickly. Try freezing it for a bit longer.

Can we blend this icecream recipe in an ice cream machine and is it good for an icecream shop

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This recipe is made simple so that there is no need to use an ice cream machine.

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Salamz fauzia sis.... Ur recipes r awesome... Jus mouth watering when seeing ur recipes :)... I hv a question. I hv 1 cup whipped cream.. So plz tell me the quantity of condensed milk? Jazakallahu khair fr ur recipes...

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, thank you! Start off with a third of a tin of sweetened condensed milk, and then taste and adjust if needed.

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Thank you! I definitely try In Sha Allah n let u knw hw I made the ice cream! Ur so sweet sis :)

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Salam fauzia sis... I made coffee ice cream with some chocolate pieces, coconut n sum melted butter... And it was really yummmy... My hubby n my son loved it a lot... They finished the whole ice cream within two days :D.... Thanx a lot sis