Gulab Jamuns

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Makes approx 20-24

Gulab Jamuns are soft, sweet and utterly addictive. There are a few tips that are necessary to bear in mind BEFORE making them in order to achieve PERFECT results.

Ingredients for Sheera/Syrup
2 cups
2 cups
tiny pinch of orange colour or some strands of saffron
1/4 tsp.
powdered cardamon
Ingredients for Gulab Jamuns
1 cup
NIDO or any good quality powdered milk
(or 2 palm-sized mawas approximately)
egg, lightly beaten
1 tsp.
2 tbsp.
plain all purpose flour
1 tsp.
baking powder
oil as needed

How to achieve perfect Gulab Jamuns:

1. Make sure you are using a good quality FULL-FAT milk powder. I prefer using Nido. Lesser qualities or low-fat powders may result in gulab jamuns which have a hard center.

2. If the dough doesn't come together easily, do not add any oil. You can add a bit of extra egg OR a few drops of milk until the dough is soft and comes together well.

3. Once the dough is prepared and the balls shaped, fry them on LOW heat. This ensures they are fully cooked all the way through. Frying them on high heat will result in hard centers as the jamuns will not get fully cooked.

4. Make sure the sheera/syrup that you will be adding the fried jamuns into is at ROOM TEMPERATURE or just WARM. It should not be boiling hot when you add the hot fried gulab jamuns. Adding hot jamuns to very hot syrup will tighten and shrink them and they will lose the lovely texture and shape.

That's it! Once you have these important points down, you will achieve the most perfect gulab jamuns.

For the Syrup/Sheera

Heat all the ingredients together until the sugar dissolves, then give it a boil on low heat for about 3-5 minutes so it thickens slightly. Let it cool. This will make a bit extra sheera, you can store any excess in the fridge for your next batch of gulab jamuns. It keeps well.

For the Gulab Jamuns

Combine the milk powder, baking powder, semolina and flour together.

Add in the egg, then mix it gently to make a soft dough. Now make small balls out of the dough. This should make about 16 balls. If the dough feels sticky, touch a bit of oil with your fingertips and then form the balls. If the dough is too hard, add a few drops of milk and knead it in until you can form smooth balls. Make sure you fry the balls immediately so that they don't dry out.

Heat oil on medium, add the gulab jamuns one at a time. Carefully, splash some of the oil over them gently. Lower the heat, if the oil is too hot they will burn from the outside and stay raw on the inside. So keep the oil really low whilst they fry, gently stirring the oil AROUND them so they turn around and get evenly colored. When they have doubled in size and are evenly browned all over, remove with a slotted spoon and put them directly into the sheera/syrup. Remember, the sheera should not be boiling hot, it should be kept on very low heat so that it's JUST slightly warm. They will expand a bit more as they soak up the syrup.

If you want the fried gulab jamuns softer, boil them in the sheera on very low heat for about 5 minutes whilst covered (put on dum). Then switch off and serve.

Garnish with chopped nuts and serve warm! :)



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W/Salaam, yes you can.

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W/Salaam, yes you can omit the saffron.

AA Fauzia. Your recipes are wonderful. JazakAllah for posting them. I tried the gulab jamuns today and they were fine until i put them in the refridgerator. I guess i shouldnt have. But how can i soften them up agin?

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Simply microwave them for a minute or two.

salam fauzia,

i tried the above recipe and mashallah it came out so good....for the sheera i used my own which i make for arabic desserts....

Thanks for the recipe,Allah swt may grant his blessings on you for sharing your passion...ameen..

Salams. I want to know what is semolina/sooji? Is it a must to use that?

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You can leave it out if you don't have it.

assalaamulaikum,i tried ws yummmyyyyy <3 <3....jazak ALLAH

Fauzia&#039;s Kitchen Fun's picture

Add a bit more milk powder next time, or use less egg.

Thankyou. just an awsome recepie...:)

Thankyou. Just an awesome recepies.:)

Aa fauzia.
Its the 2nd time i ve tried making Gulab jam but both times they were hard not soft, i used NIDO and i the sheera was room temp + dough was soft but my sheera was a lil bit thicker and when serving the gulab jam were hard i was disappointed coz i made for hubby on eid day and he made fun of me and called them golf balls:'( what could i have done wrong? Pls help coz i want to give it a 3rd try. Jazakillah and God bless u.

Fauzia&#039;s Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, did you fry them on low heat? They need to be fried on a mild gentle flame so they get cooked all the way through to the center. And whenever the sheera is too thick, you can lighten it up by adding some water and simmering for a bit. Thick sheera will not absorb into the jamuns.

yeah i fried them on very low heat they were a very nice brown golden colour and i put them immediately in the sheera..would u know what could be the reason that could have made them hard? maybe the thick sheera?any idea y this happens?

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Hmm, could be the sheera did not get absorbed into the jamuns thereby making them harden. Try to make the syrup thinner next time and see if that helps. Knead the mixture/dough well before shaping them so everything gets thoroughly mixed. Use full-fat Nido in case your version is the low-fat kind.

thx Fauzia will do and let u know how it turns out, another thing do i have to knead the mixture for long mpaka ishikane like we do for mahamri/chapati?

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No you don't have to knead it very long like how you would dough, just enough to get it nice and smooth.

hi fauzia
i tried these gulam jamuns
taste was good bt whn i soaked them in syrup they got pinched like air went out of em n they got shranked.
what went wrong?
plz help

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Hi! Did you follow ALL the tips given at the top of the recipe?

Dear Fauzia
Would u please indicate the exact quantity of Flour and soji. Is it 1 tb spoon leveled or heaped or slightly heaped. Also ur Tip in the end of ur recipe isnt clear to me. Do I need to put the fried jamuns on dum for 5 minutes?means flame will be on. But then u said that sheera has to be on room temperature. I hope u r understanding my question. Please reply me ASAP with ur convenience. I want to make it for my family. They all just love gulab jamuns.

Thanks in advance :)
I appreciate ur great work.

Fauzia&#039;s Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam. Level spoonfuls always, unless the recipe indicates otherwise. When adding the HOT jamuns into the syrup, the syrup HAS to be at room temp or just warm. Once all are in, THEN you can turn on the heat on low and cover, allowing them to steam gently in they syrup to soften them.

Aslm Alkm,

S der a prob if i leav d jamuns widin d same vessel tat i steamed it on cover for some time? My jamuns haven't blown up at all yet! :(

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W/Salaam, try microwaving them for a minute or so.

made it few hours before...superb result...thanks :D

Salamz fauIa I tried out your Devine gulag jamuns they turned out well in taste but when I was kneading the dough it was v rough and the balls didn't turn out perfect round I added milk then a few were round in shape but again it dried out y did this happened

Fauzia&#039;s Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, thanks for the lovely feedback. The roughness could be the brand of milk powder used, or the egg was a bit too small.

Fauzai MAM...
whts yellow color? is this zarda yellow color or something else?

Fauzia&#039;s Kitchen Fun's picture

Yes that is right.

If we don't want to add egg then milk will be the alternate?

Fauzia&#039;s Kitchen Fun's picture

Have never tried the eggless version, sorry!

dear i fallow ur all tips...its made soft but only balls not make smoth..very cracks????

Fauzia&#039;s Kitchen Fun's picture

When cracks form it could mean the dough is crumbly, even if it is soft. Try the tip of adding a bit of milk to the dough so when you shape the balls they become very smooth.

Thanks dear i will try....Allah bless you...

Assallam oalikum..dear i made2 ,3 time but when i give shapein balls its looks crack wholeballs then i fry its not look good....what should i do?plzz reply???

Fauzia&#039;s Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, could be that the egg you used is too small so the dough is too dry, add a few drops of milk and knead until the dough is smooth then shape them.

AOA ! Thanks for the recipe.My dough was also very crumbly and i kept on adding milk but still did't work. In the end i just fried them, the taste was ok but from outside they were really hard. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance :)

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Maybe the egg you used was very small, try using a bigger egg or add a small amount from another egg next time that happens.

assalamu alaikum.y do we use samolina?

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W/Salaam, it adds texture.

Salaams,my family prefers cold jamuns,so is it ok if I make d gulab-jamuns n after sometime I keep them in fridge,hope they won't become hard.Wanna try ur version of gulabjamuns.JazakALLAH

Fauzia&#039;s Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, normally I store my leftovers in the fridge and they do not go hard. InshaAllah yours will be fine too. :)

I made it today but after thn I put jamans in sheera they were just shrink in their sizes and dark in color else the taste is awesome and they r too soft as well kindly help me this whts wrong with this . Did I kept jamans in sheera too long tht at y this happens or else I follow all ur steps .

Fauzia&#039;s Kitchen Fun's picture

No I don't think being in the sheera long made them dark, although they do darken slightly once they absorb the syrup. Try frying them for slightly less time next attempt so they are not very dark after frying. :)

i would love to have a recipe without egg please thankyou

Fauzia&#039;s Kitchen Fun's picture

Sorry I do not have an eggless version yet.

Salams cn anchor or lakspray b used in plce of nido

Fauzia&#039;s Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, I am told anchor is good but I personally have only used NIDO

Salam Fauzia !! kindly tell me by 1 cup of nido u mean tea cup or dessert cup ??

Fauzia&#039;s Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, 120 gm measuring cup.