Fresh Fruit Salad

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Summery bowl of goodness. Chop up any and all fruits in season or of your preference.

lemon juice

Chop everything to about the same size. 

Squeeze a bit of lemon to prevent the apples and bananas from discolouring.

Serve fresh and chilled! Filling, healthy and super delicious!


Diz website is so nyc,did u hav any cookry book pls?

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

Hi, sorry no cook-book published yet. Hopefully soon though inshaAllah.

asalam alaykum do u squeeze lemon in the mixture or just before mixing all fruits i really hate that discoloring of bananas

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W/Salaam, yes I squeeze it in the mixture and it really helps with the discolouring of bananas. Otherwise simply leave out the bananas and just peel, slice and add them in right before serving! :)

wow............FRUIT SALAD i like

salaam sister,so sorry but this salad recipe has bananas,u have accidently added it twice in the recipe.also was there another ingredient instead of the banana.

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W/Salaam, thanks for that...I normally also add strawberries. Basically any fruits can work for this mixed fruit salad. :)

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Salaams,this is really good I made it for my mam and she really liked it.Mashaalah thanks Fauzia,your the best:)