Electric Lemonade

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Serves 2

A fun, yummy and thirst-quenching drink. Can be served with a slice of lemon as garnish, or blue colored ice-cubes as I have.

1 cup
1/2 cup
blue curacao, as needed
(or a blue food colour)
1/4 cup
lemon juice, freshly squeezed
7-Up drink

First, make a simple lemon syrup. Mix 1 cup water with half cup sugar and a pinch of salt, boil until it simmers and the sugar is all dissolved, then turn off and let this syrup cool completely.

Add blue colouring, preferably non-alcoholic blue curacao and quarter cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix together and adjust until the colour is to your satisfaction.

Now add equal amounts of this prepared blue lemon syrup and 7 up. Add ice-cubes or lemon slices and serve chilled! Enjoy! :)

I colored the water I used for the ice-cubes blue to give a more vivid appearance, also used heart shaped ice cube molds for a cuter look


apu, where i can get blue curacao? is it available in agora/nandan??
please reply

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It is normally available at supermarkets, but if you cannot find it, just use regular blue food colouring instead.

thanks apu :)

wat is blue curacao?

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A type of blue drink.

can i use sparkling water?will it be tasty?

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You can try with sparkling water, it should be fine and healthier.

Can we use lemon juice except for freshly squeezed lemons

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Best to use fresh.

Can you please give recipe of the lemon syrup how many lemons to used

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Recipe of the lemon syrup is included in the recipe, please re-check.

Is the blue curacao available in Nakumatt???

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Hi, not sure if it is available at Nakumatt.

Great recipes

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Please refer to previous comments.

blue curacao is just for colouring am i right?so can we skip that cause i couldnt find it,and just add blue coloring with lemon juice?

salamcould u please tellme this curacao is avaialble in panda or danube? please tell me is it available in bottle or packets & which form?imean powder or liquid?

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W/Salaam, sorry never been there so cannot be sure.

salam, thanks, but could you please tell me where shall i get it? more over is it in liquid or solid form??

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W/Salaam, since am not from your country, I cannot know where you can get it. Normally it is available at supermarkets and is in liquid form.

Salam.. your all recipes r too gooood....thnxx!!!

Hi, How much does this ingredient make? Thanks Safeera

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Serves 2

Do they sell non alcoholic blue curacao in Tesco or Sainsbury?

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Not sure sorry, you can check. Otherwise use 7 up with blue food colouring.

I made this with green food colour as my blue food colour bottle didn't open up.
Tasted great. Thumbs up. Thanks as always.

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if i dont find blue curacao,can i use blue food color(in powder form)?.

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W/Salaam, please refer to previous comments.

Can i store the syrup mixture in some container and use it when required ?

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Yes absolutely ok. Put it in an airtight container (or a bottle) in the fridge. :)