Cold Coffee

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Serves 4

Delicious and refreshing, this icy drink is the best way to jump-start one's day!

4 cups
(800 ml)
3 tbsp.
2 level tbsp.
instant coffee powder
(adjust to taste)
1 tsp.
cocoa powder
4 tbsp.
evaporated milk

Boil all the above ingredients. Let everything cool, then freeze for about 2-3 hours until well-chilled. When ready to serve, pour the milk in a blender, add 1 generous scoop of ice-cream (vanilla or coffee flavored) and 10 ice-cubes. Blend until frothy.

Serve in tall glasses. You can add a bit of whipped cream on top, and a drizzle of either caramel or chocolate sauce, or a light dusting of cocoa or coffee powder. Or even chocolate shavings! :)




hey from where can v find evaporated milk ?

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It should be easily available at any grocery or supermarket.

Dear, about the coffee powder, any recommendations of what is the best brand to use? or Nescafe is just fine?

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Yes Nescafe is fine. I prefer a brand called Africafe, but when am out of that and cannot find it in stock, I too use Nescafe. :)

what is evaporated milk??

I love to be one of u and to no more about foods

Sister Can We add Milkmaid Behalf of evaporated milk?

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Yes you can. Adjust sugar to taste though in case Milkmaid is sweetened.

Ok.. jazakallah hairan.......... :)

I tried Ice cofee 2day :D Masha Allah Superb <3 :D jazakallah hairan :D

Can it not be normal coffee? Thanks

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It can if you want, although instant is better.

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When you said pour the milk in a blender do you mean the cold coffee with all the ingredient.

Is chocolate sauce readily available in shops or is there a way to make it at home.

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It should be readily available. Here is a home-made version:

I tried cold coffee today ifthar. It's very nice, thanks fawziya sister, it' s real cold coffee.superb. Barakkallah.

tried your iced coffee today was great! jazakallah. Although, I am only one person and so I adjusted recipe to one cup and omitted the evaporated milk...still tasted quite nice, maybe it is even better with evap milk? inshallah will maybe try next time if I have a can of it open.

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W/Salaam, yes you can.


a.aleykum sis.whats the difference between instant coffee and the normal one????

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W/salaam, instant just requires you to mix it in hot water, no brewing involved.

Thanks 4 d recepie!i am gng 2 make it.

do i have to boil everything at once.....

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Yes! :)

Can we freeze a day in advance n put in blender on the day of party ?

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Yes that is fine.

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Slms. Excellent website. Hv tried couple of ur fine recipes n all hv turned out great. Thanks n keep up the good work.

Made this for my husband and he loved it. Thanks.
I don't drink coffee in any form so didnt taste it.

can i use condensed milk instead of evaporated milk and sugar?? if yes, then plx tell me how much quantity i should use it??

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Yes you can. Use 4 tbsp of condensed milk and omit the sugar from the recipe. Then give it a taste and adjust if needed.

Looking yummy... will try In shaa Allah

What is evaporated milk ?

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It is the heavy milk sold in a can, unsweetened.

Could you please tell me the difference between Milk and evaporated milk as you have mentioned?

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Milk is normal fresh milk which comes in packs or gallons used for daily cooking/making tea etc. EM comes in a can, it is concentrated and has a longer shelf life.

Won't you add more recipes?

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Two new recipes are being added every week!!!!