Coconut Burfi/Kashata

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Makes 12 bars

If you like coconut, then this exotic sweet dish is just the one to try!

2 1/2 cups
freshly grated coconut
(take care not to grate the dark bits, just the pure white part for best and cleanest results)
1 1/2 cups
pinch of elchi/cardamom powder
1 cup
1 tsp.
butter or ghee

If you want them colored, just add a tiny bit of color to your sugar/water mixture

In a heavy pot, pour the sugar and water and bring to a boil until the syrup is of 2 thread consistency. Then add the coconut, cardamom and butter. Cook it down stirring often to avoid it sticking until it is about half the original amount and sort of clumps together.

Pour out into a greased pan and pat it down with a flat buttered spoon. Let it cool SLIGHTLY then immediately cut into it and divide into squares. I make 12 squares out of this amount. Let them cool completely then gently turn them out and store in an airtight container. Thoroughly enjoyable treats! Leftoveres can be converted into delicious home-made Bounty Bars!



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Cups, thanks for pointing that out, have edited the recipe. :)

good work

Can I use less sugar?I'm not very keen on a lot of sugar,thanx

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Unfortunately to get really good soft burfis you need that much sugar. Reducing the sugar might make the syrup too thin in consistency and the burfis might fall apart. You can try if you like, and IF they fall apart simply make some extra syrup on the side then add the cooked burfi into it and cook for a short while again to achieve the desired consistency for setting them.

do i have to use freshly grated coconut or can i use just desiccated coconut?

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Best to use freshly grated but if you are using desiccated, make sure you add about 2-3 tbsp of butter or else the burfi will turn out too dry.


:):( ;) :P :'(

i use candy thermometre for sugar consistency..till wat temperature sugar will be 2 thread??

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220-230 F

Approximately how long does the whole cooking process take?

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Around 20 minutes or so.

for the coconut burfi can i use thawed frozen coconut or that would not work well

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Best to use fresh.

Asante sana Fauzia our fav recipe from back home sindio ....Jazakhallah hope you doing good its been long time .....

S/Alaykum fauzia, i cannot get cardamom powder where I live can I do d coconut burfi without it?

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W/Salaam, if you have whole cardamon, remove the seeds from the pods and mash them in a mortar and pestle or in a coffee grinder until powdered. You can leave it out of the recipe if you don't have that, use vanilla essence instead for a different flavouring.

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Hi. When the syrup is touched with the forefinger, then you press the forefinger to the thumb and separate, there should be some sort of threads forming between the two fingers. Two threads is the right consistency.

Hey fauzia, can you just explain what you mean by 'boil until the syrup is of 2 thread consistency'?


Mine taste like sugar an coconut just mixed, not actual barfi. It turned out quite stiff, don't know what's gone wrong, I'm sure followed recipe. Any suggestions what to do?

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Did you stir the sugar syrup when it was boiling? That can cause crystallisation. You can heat it up and melt it all back then add some butter and re-set it. Hopefully that might help.

assalam alaikum sister fauzia... your are doing great work.... ! realy apreciate it....
can u tell me an alternative to bake sumthing instead of an oven.. i have seen it on your facebook page recently.. but now i want to see it again nd was unable to see it ..

it was quite gd... but it was dry as compared to wht we get usually in the market...they are softer...did i do smthing wrong??

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Could be that you did not simmer the sugar syrup enough, normally that helps keep the sweet dish soft.

asalam aleykum thanks for the recipe please i would like to know if its possible to get kashata za njugu.Merci beacoup

Assalamualaikum. I don't have fresh coconut readily available to me. If I use the frozen coconut, would it affect the taste or anything?

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W/Salaam, have never tried with frozen coconut, sorry!

Asa Fauza,
For how many days these can stay fresh in an airtight jar?


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Depending on climate, about a week or two for colder climates. Otherwise it can last months if refrigerated. :)

Assalamualikum. Can I use dry coconut flakes instead of the fresh ones? JazakAllahu Khairan.

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W/Salaam, it is preferable to use fresh otherwise the burfi will end up being a bit dry but you can use dry coconut flakes, just make sure to add some butter to it.

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Mashallah amazing recipe DELICIOUS!! My husband finishes them in like two days...I guess im going to have to hide them or sth so I can finnish them in two days. C;

Made this today... Masha Allah :)

Came out great:)

Hi, I rly love all of ur recipes! They are awesome :) could u pls upload a recipe of how to make pistachio barfi? I d love to try it but am still looking for a good recipe. Thank U!

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Thanks, will try and add one inshaAllah.