Coconut Burfi/Kashata

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Makes 12 bars

A delicious sweet snack made from grated coconut.

2 1/2 cups
FRESHLY grated coconut
(take care not to grate the dark bits, just the pure white part for best and cleanest results)
1 1/2 cups
pinch of elchi/cardamom powder
1 cup
1 tsp.
butter or ghee

If you want them colored, just add a tiny bit of color to your sugar/water mixture

In a heavy pot, pour the sugar and water and bring to a boil until the syrup is of 2 thread consistency. Then add the coconut, cardamom and butter. Cook it down stirring often to avoid it sticking until it is about half the original amount and sort of clumps together.

Pour out into a greased pan and pat it down with a flat buttered spoon. Let it cool SLIGHTLY then immediately cut into it and divide into squares. I make 12 squares out of this amount. Let them cool completely then gently turn them out and store in an airtight container. Thoroughly enjoyable treats! Leftoveres can be converted into delicious home-made Bounty Bars!


A a can i use dessicated coconut insted of fresh coconut

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, desiccated coconut will not give the best results as it is rather dry unlike fresh coconut which is moister.

a/s,do u mean 2 whole and a half coconut,pls reply...

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W/Salaam, 2 and a half cups. :)

Assalamualaikum. I want to try making kashata but i have dry coconut flakes will that work and if yes can you tell me how much i should use. Thanks!

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W/Salaam, I have never tried with the dry flakes so am not sure how the results would be, sorry!