Cinnamon Rolls

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Makes 12 cinnabons

Soft and delicious cinnamon buns that are perfect for breakfast or with a cup of tea or coffee.

Ingredients for Dough
4 cups
all-purpose/plain flour
2 1/2 tsp
instant yeast
1/4 cup
granulated sugar
(if you have a very sweet tooth then double this)
1/3 cup
margarine or butter
(I use butter)
1 tsp.
1 cup
warm milk
Ingredients for Filling
1/2 cup
packed brown sugar
1 tbsp.
1/3 cup
margarine/butter, softened
(I use butter)
2 tbsp.
Ingredients for Icing
2 tbsp.
1/2 cup
powdered sugar/icing sugar
1/8 cup
cream cheese
1/4 tsp.
pinch of salt

Knead the dough with all its ingredients until nice and soft. If it's a bit sticky, don't worry about it. It will come together later on. Put in a bowl, cover and let rise in a warm place about 1 hour or until the dough has doubled in size.

Preheat oven to 180 C.

Roll the dough out on a lightly floured surface, until it is approx. 21 inches long by 16 inches wide. It should be approx. ¼ thick.

To make filling, combine the brown sugar and cinnamon in a bowl. (DO NOT DO THIS EARLIER AS IT WILL START MELTING ON its OWN) Spread the butter over the surface of the dough, then sprinkle the brown sugar and cinnamon evenly over the surface. Press down gently with your hand so the sugar sticks to the dough. Then sprinkle 2 tbsp. of flour using a sieve so it's a light dusting. This will help absorb any extra moisture from the sugar as the cinnabons are baking.

Working carefully, from the longer side of the rectangle, roll the dough down to the bottom edge, like a swiss roll.

Cut the dough into 1 ¾ inch slices, and place in a lightly greased baking pan.

Don't slice the cinnabons with a knife, it will smoooosh the roll so you won't get that perfect spirally top. Slide a thread...even dental floss will do...under the roll then bring the two ends of the thread to opposite sides like you're going to tie a knot, and pull....the thread will slice the roll for you PERFECTLY! ;)

Bake for 10-15 minutes or until light golden brown. If you want the buns super crisp on the outside without having them burn or get too dark, cover them with a foil in the last 5 mins of baking so they will keep baking but won’t turn color.

While the rolls are baking combine the icing ingredients. Beat well with an electric mixer until fluffy. When the rolls are done, spread generously with icing and serve warm! Leftovers warm up beautifully in a mini oven toaster or in the micro.




jazakALLAH ukhty,am just from making them & they have come out beautiful.shukran

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W/Salaam, thanks for the lovely feedback! Try and reduce the baking time if you can, and once the rolls are out of the oven, keep them covered so they stay nice and moist.

Salam Alaikum,
I tried the CInnamon Rolls. Everybody liked it alot. Jazakumullah Khair.
However I have a query,
The Cinnamon Rolls were a little dry, I mean that the mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon almost dried up whereas I would like it to be a little moist. How can I get that kind?
Jazakumullah Khair for the recipe :)

Hi, Can we make these buns like we did cakes on stove top...??? is the process same?

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Hi, yes you can! The process is the same, although since there is no top heating, the buns may not colour as much as those baked in an oven but the result will still be awesome.

Asalaamalkikum, I wud prefer to replace the butter in the recipe with oil... wondering if u know the butter to oil conversion? How many tabs of butter to how many tabs of oil? Jazakallah khair.

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W/Salaam, I would not recommend substituting the butter in this recipe for oil.

Salaams Fauzia
For the dough you say 4 cups flour! Which flour is it we use? Plain,self raising or bread flour? Jazakallah for the receipe try it out soon x

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W/Salaam, when it says flour, it is always plain flour unless otherwise specified in the recipe.

Thank you will give them a try for iftari :)

Asc fauzia i would like to try the recipe could you please add the step by step way to role them am not so good at understanfing reciped jazakalah kheir.

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W/Salaam, will try and do a step by step the next time I make these at home.

assalam alaikum....would like to make the rolls bt dont have brown sugar and cream cheese......anything else i can substitite instead of ???

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W/Salaam, use regular sugar and instead of cream cheese for the topping you can make any other topping that you like. Chocolate sauce or butter-cream etc.

Salaams. How far in advance can you make the dough as I'd like to make this for Eid morning. Jzk

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W/Salaam, you can prepare the dough the night before.

Do you keep it in the fridge?

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Only refrigerate if storing for longer than a day.

salams sis thanks for the recepi kindly advice 4 cups are how many grams? Becouse i have diffrent types of cups can not gudge which can be suitable.plz help me thx.

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W/Salaam, thank you! Please refer to this note for my measurement conversions: My Measurements

salam fauzia, idid with my baking part can u please suggest me which cream cheese can i use ??? i have almarai triangle cheese can i use that?plz reply as soon as possible

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, you need the block type of cream cheese like philadelphia, or at least a softer cream cheese than the triangles so it can be spread on the cinnabons.

Salam Fauzia. I have some leftover dough from my last rose rolls attempt, can I use that dough and make these?

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W/Salaam, no I would not recommend it, the result will not be as good as the actual cinnabon recipe.

Hey fauzia, i was wondering what if cream cheeses isnt available what can i use as a substitute?

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Hi! You can use buttercream frosting, or a simple sugar glaze or melted chocolate. Any topping that you prefer!

How much is 1/8 cup of cream cheese...

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W/Salaam, around 30gm.

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W/Salaam, thanks. Yes you should remove the dough from the fridge to allow it to come to room temperature before rolling. And yes you can make the frosting ahead of time, perfectly ok. Just get it out of the fridge early too so it is soft and at room temperature.

Salam Fauzia, thank you so much for this recipe! I cannot tell you how great it turned out and close to the real thing. I have friends here who have been pining for it for years since they left UAE and when they tried it they were shocked. Allah reward you for your efforts and your passion in teaching people to cook your amazing food.

Quick question, i know you answered this previously. But if i make the dough the night before (have guests and want them ready hot and early), do i need to knead it or keep it out of the fridge for a short while before rolling out the next morning?

I was going to make the cream cheese frosting ahead of time too and keep in a small pot in fridge. IS that ok or will it not taste the same? Am worried about the dough being made night before.

Jazakillah hu khayrah


Salam i made these. Came out so yumm. Thankssss

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Yes it is.

what is vanilla? is it vanilla essence?


Thanks for your amazing site.
I hav tried few of your recepies n they hav turn out amazing. Only problem that i face is that i am not getting the desired color on my bread.
I hav a big cooking range with gas oven. I bake on middle rack. Then shift to top rack for color for sum extra time. Pls advice.

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, thank you. If your oven has a top grill, turn it on to colour the buns for a few minutes before taking them out of the oven.

Jazzakaallahu khair, turned out great, my hubby enjoyed them alot. He kept praising me that I am a great cook. Thanks for your recipes.

Salaam Fauzia, I made these yesterday and they were delicious. Thanks for tip about cutting them using string. I'd like to say that once I cut them, i put them in an oven tray and left them to rise again until they doubled in size, then I put them in the oven. It made all the difference, they weren't dry and cooked perfectly.

Salaam Fauzia,

Do we let the dough to rest again for sometime after cutting the cinnabons before baking them?

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W/Salaam, yes you can allow them to rest for a while to double in size although it is not a must.

Do you use melted or softened butter for kneading the dough?

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Melted. :)

Thank u so much .. I was just starting to knead the dough!!

Assalaamualaikum dearest fauzia.
I have made the dough. Just had few questions.. I'd like to take them over to a gathering later on.. So was wondering should i bake them now , frost them and leave them for later?
The gathering is apprx 6-7 hours from now inshaAllaah ..
Or should i bake them after 3-4 hours? Or should I bake them and frost later on?
Plz help ! If anyone else can share any experiences, would really appreciate.
Jazaakumullaah khair

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, bake and keep them covered, then just before the gathering, warm them slightly and frost so they stay fresh.

Jazaakillaah khair

They were amazing the first time when my sister tried it.Now I'm taking a shot at it. The recipe and recipe guidelines are very helpful. Thanx for such a good recipe!!! :)


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You can use any icing that you like. Either mix powdered sugar with milk, or melted chocolate etc. Anything works.

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Yes dark brown sugar is fine. Packed means fill and press it down in the cup when measuring.

Aoa....i havr tried ur several receoies n thay came out amazing....u r amazing...ur recepies are simple to follow ....luv u alot
I hav a question...what is packed brown sugar? I have dark brown it ok to use that?