Chocolate Brownies

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Makes 12 pieces

Quick and simple moist, cakey delicious brownies! These taste awesome as is, or with a chocolate frosting or with a scoop of ice-cream. YUM!

1/2 cup
butter, room temperature
1/2 cup
(100gm) (I then reduced about 3 tbsp. from it coz knew I was going to serve this with ice cream and didn't want the sweetness to go overboard)
1/2 cup
all-purpose flour
1/3 cup
unsweetened cocoa powder
4 tbsp.
warm milk
pinch of salt
1/4 tsp.
baking powder
1 tsp.
vanilla essence

Heat the butter in a big bowl until melted. Whilst still SLIGHTLY warm, add the sugar and using an electric mixer, beat together thoroughly (about 5-10 minutes). Then sieve the cocoa powder into this butter/sugar mixture and again, beat until creamy. Add the vanilla and beat it some more. Now add the eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition to make sure it's well incorporated.

Remove the electric beater and slowly sieve the flour, baking powder and salt into the bowl a little at a time, mixing with a spatula or wooden spoon. Alternate with adding the warm milk as well and stir. Once everything is JUST incorporated (DO NOT OVER-MIX), pour the brownie batter into a greased 8x8 inch pan. (You can sprinkle some chocolate chips or nuts on top or stir them into the batter if you like, I left mine plain and simple)

Bake in a pre-heated oven at 170C for 25-30 mins. Do not over-bake, a toothpick stuck into the brownies should come out slightly moist, not completely dry. So best to start checking on them at about 20 mins and then give them extra time if need be. Serve warm or cooled, with a cup of tea or coffee or as a yummy dessert served with a big fat dollop of vanilla ice-cream and some brownie crumbs for a cute look.




Hello to both fauzia's ;) my first question is plz tell me how much is 40 gm and 60 gm (tell me cups and spoon measurement). second i love to bake a cake or brownie but every time i bake i end up with a mess :( plz tell me do i need to buy imported cocoa powder or things that are required to make a perfect cake???? i really need help also to operate my oven....

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Hi! Please refer to this note for measurement conversions: My Measurements

As for cocoa powder, I use Cadbury's Cocoa powder and it gives excellent results. Cannot know how your oven is operated, best to refer to the manual it came with as different ovens operate differently.

chocolate brownie that u made seems awesome....i wud love to make this...

what is (all purpose flour)imean what kind of flour is this,is it aspecially ones or the one we use in tz from bakhresa mills.pls let me know.

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All-purpose flour is the usual plain white flour used in making chapatis and mandazi, cakes etc. The one from TZ's Bakhressa mills is fine.

salaam , how many brownies will this make if i cut it into 5cm by 8cm ? and what size tin should i use? thanks

sorry i realised you wrote the tin size

sister, all purpose flour means what? Plain flour or self raising UK, these are the two types available...

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All-purpose ALWAYS means plain flour. :)

can i bake this on stove top?

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Yes you can.

Hi Fauzia,I always try your recipes they turn out perfect.You are blessed,Thank you for sharing this blessing with all of us u are a gr8 help in our kitchen.Well i had to ask you if i want to make double this amount of brownies should i just double the ingredients or do it twice or what please guide me through.Thanks once again.

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Hi and thank you!! I would make two batches of brownies for best results.

as.kum can iuse blueband margarine instead of butter cos idont have butter and ilove blueband instead of butter in all your recepies can i use margrine or its must to use buutter..pls.

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W/Salaam, in most recipes blueband will not give the same results as butter. You can try though.

Fauzia I have a slab of unsweetened cooking chocolate in my freezer waiting to be used urgently! please can u suggest any of ur recipe tht uses it....

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W/Salaam, you can make chocolate ganache and use it to frost a cake, or make chocolate mousse. Check my cakes folder and desserts folder to get some good ideas. :)

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Hi, unsweetened cocoa is available in any supermarket. You can use sweetened but that will make the results too sweet.

I wud really love to try ur recipes.They seem to b very easy n quick ones.Just want to ask can i use ghee instead of butter in cookies n cakes???

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Thank you. Butter would give best results for the cakes and cookies. :)

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Yes you can although it is best when in thin sections.

can i make this as a cake??!! :D

Salaams, I tried the brownies, they turned out 1/2 inch thin & tough though I followed the recipe to the T!!!!!!!! What might be the reason?

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W/Salaam, what size pan did you use? And was the baking powder good? Normally brownies are not supposed to rise much, not like a cake anyways. But the toughness you mentioned could be from over-mixing the batter or baking for longer than the recommended time, especially if the pan used was bigger.

I used a 8 inch pan as u mentioned, baking powder was new n I'm sure I didn't over mix, yr recipes don't fail fr me usually, my butter ws warm when beating could that hav been the prob?

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Nope the butter needs to be warm when you add sugar to it. All I can say is maybe try it one more time and see if it makes a difference. It's a very tried and tested recipe, inshaAllah it will turn out perfect on your next attempt. Just be careful not to overmix once the flour goes in as that makes anything cake-based turn hard and chewy. Also take care not to bake for longer than the recommended time.

as,kum ishallah you are well and happy.iwill be very happy if you will write for me ingredients of icing for the cake just icing and how to make it.pleaseeeeeeeee ican make a cake but my problem is only how to make icing just simple one to make my kids happy.please.if iwant trouble you.

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W/Salaam, please check the cakes folder, variety of icing/frosting recipes there.

Thank you sooooomuch I'm definitely gonna try it again.

How to check whether batter is completely beat??

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Not sure I understood what you mean exactly...

I meant to say how to check that batter is done n it doesn't need any more mixing, I hope I make it clear.

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Yes I got you now. Well it is hard to give you a definite point but basically once you see that the flour has been mixed in, stop mixing the batter.

Hey Faiza , I am gonna try this recipe on the coming weekend , I just wanted to be clear about the "all purpose flour", I know u must be tired of answering this question by now :). By all purpose flour do u mean simple flour ( ataa) which is used for chapatis or the other version (maida) which is usually used for pooris ?

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Hi, it's Fauzia not Faiza lol. AP flour is the same as plain flour/maida.

thx :)

Fauzia I made these today and they turned out GREAT alhamdulillah! I made them on stove top and used a flatter pan this time so it can get cooked thoroughly. The results? Smaller brownies but absolutely yummy! Perfect texture and taste, thank you soooo much! I can't believe I have actually started baking :p I have always had a hindrance, that its too risky and it requires lots of expertise to make simple cakes. With your website being a guide three of my experiments have been great and which have given me great motivation to carry on and try more stuff!

do i HAVE to use baking soda?

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Yes you do need it.

sister Fauzia, you gave incorrect advice to the person asking if she really needs to add the baking soda, it should be baking powder NOT baking soda,
BTW i cannot see baking soda in your list of ingredients,

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Thank you! Yes it is baking powder that is needed in this recipe, NOT baking soda.

hi fauzia.. this is the first time i have tried smthing from your website..i used salted butter instead coz i cdnt get the plain one and i have microwave which was again a complication as i have never tried baking on microwave... bt i tried simple cook for 4mins.. it was a success.. thanks a lot... m looking forward to try lot many things now.. coz the recipes are soo cool....willl let u know wht i try care

Salamz :) Tried ur brownies today. Everybody loved them, esp my kids n hubby :) Thank u soooo much for the super yummy recipe!

Aa wow fauzia i love your recepies thanks alot.where did u take your course?is it burhani finishing college.!

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W/Salaam, thank you and no I have never taken any courses. Just a hobby.

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W/Salaam, thank you. Have personally never tried that but it should be fine. Give it a try. :)

salam fauzia , ur recipes r very good i tried few n they came out excellent , can we make cakes n brownies from home made butter ?

Hi Fauzia,

Pleace clarify once butter is heated/melted are we supposed to remove the butter from the stove and then add sugar?

Thank you