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Makes approx 50

A twist on cake-pops, these yummy bites are made of crushed digestive biscuits. The coatings can be either chocolate, crushed nuts or dessicated coconut. Ideal sweets for your Eid plate.

packet Digestive biscuits
(about 20-23 pieces)
5 tbsp.
Cadbury's cocoa powder
5 tbsp.
desiccated coconut
1/2 tin
condensed sweet milk
(approximately, you might need less)

Crush the biscuits either by putting them in a bag and smashing them with a rolling pin or by using a processor. Add the cocoa powder, condensed sweet milk and the desiccated coconut. Mix everything together until the mixture resembles a dough that can be easily formed into balls. Make sure you add the sweet milk a little at a time whilst mixing, stop when you feel you can form balls out of the mixture easily. If you accidentally add too much condensed milk, then you can always add a bit more coconut or digestives to compensate.

Once all are shaped, roll them in a coating of your choice. You can melt some chocolate and dip them into it (chill the Choco balls first if you are coating with chocolate then use a skewer to hold them whilst you dip) or you can roll them in some more desiccated coconut, or in crushed nuts of your choice. You can even leave them plain.

Enjoy! :)




Am a fan of your pageand ive been spreading the gospel to any one i know about your have helped so many family in this world MashaAllah.MAy Allah reward you and your supporting family in this world and hereafter inshaAllah...Ameen.
i make so many of your recipes but am not confident in posting photos.Am from the coastal part of kenya(guess u have been there)and ive made the choco balls and coated them on chocolate,is it ok to store them in the fridge?

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, thank you so much Fauzat, and Ameen to your beautiful dua!! Yes I grew up in Mombasa, so I know the coast of Kenya very well and love it with all my heart! And yes you can refrigerate the chocoballs until needed.

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What are you using in place of the cocoa?

Assalamualaikum a very nice recipe ,thanx a lottttt

Ms. Fauzia,

Should I use sweetened or unsweetened dessicated coconut?
Also, if I don't have, can I use shredded coconut?

Thank you!

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

You can use unsweetened (because the sweet milk and crushed biscuits are already sweet enough). And yes you can use shredded coconut but if it is freshly grated, please dry it slightly in the oven so there is no excess moisture in the mixture.

Can I use glucose biscuits like parle g if I don't have digestive bisquits?

Thanks again!

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Yes you can!

Love your recipes, have tried a few!
Want to make these for my Eid plate :)
Approximately how many chocoballs will I get from the above measurement?

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W/Salaam and thank you! I have never really counted but you should easily get around 30 chocoballs, depending on the size you make them.

I love your chocoballs

I love your al- baik chicken

me to luv your webpage..job weldun.....may Allah reward u plenty for sharing your knoweldge with us all....ameen!!!!!!!sister i would like to know if there is anyother biscuit i could use beside digestive biscuits?

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Aww thank you, and Ameen! Yes you can use just regular tea-biscuits, plain simple ones are fine. Like Marie.

mashaallah i love ur da cocoa powder sweetened or unsweetened?

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Thank you. Unsweetened cocoa powder.

Hi fauzy thanks for Ur kitchen
I enjoy alot

Maashaallah may God reward u.

hi,thnx alot 4 ur recipes.may allah bless u. Can we use any cocoa powder except diz cadbury.(like motha cocoa powder)? Bye.

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Hi, yes you can use any good quality cocoa powder.

Hi , where do I get the little cups to hold the balls ?

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Hi, most baking-ware shops have them, or try the supermarket. Otherwise they can be ordered online.

Assalamualaikum,1st of all i congratulate u 4 ur
creativity. I've tried so many of ur recipes n mashaAllah
all have come out well. thanx 2 u i've become a good cook.Truly u are amazing. May Allah
bless u...

Can i have to bake “Chocoballs” or after made chocoballs can it's only need to refrigerate until needed.

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W/Salaam, no need to bake them, just refrigerate or even store them in a an airtight jar for up to a week.

Can we use marie biscuits instead of digestive biscuits?

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Yes you can.

HI!!!!!! your recipes r excellent.I also tried some of them.If i don't add cocoa powder,there will be a change in taste or not??

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W/Salaam, which chocolate sauce recipe did you use?

AoA, i made the chocoballs and kids r in love with it. should the chocolate sauce solidify??? Mine did not.

salam fauziah.....wanted to know if i can omit coconut as i dont like its flavour.....tried ur singaporean rice on eid...loved it:)thx

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W/Salaam, yes you can omit coconut. Thanks for the lovely feedback on the singaporean rice. :)

Salam!i tried chocoballs but it didn't come out well.The sweetness was less and the taste was full of marie biscuit :(

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W/Salaam, strange..maybe the mixture required more sweet milk.

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W/Salaam, yes I guess that should be ok.

assalam..can i use nestle cocoa powder instead of cadburry? thanks a lot

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Any melted baking or eating chocolate will work.

do we need candy coating chocolate or any melted baking chocolate will work?

Assalamualaikm.. I tried chocoballs i loved it.. i want to know how to make a chocolate mousse cake can u pls help me sis...

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Type chocolate mousse cake in the search bar and you will find the recipe, it is in the cakes folder.

I have tried this recipe. The taste was simply amazing and i totally loved these chocobalss.
But there are few questions. The balls were really soft. When i rolled them into any shape after a minute or two they just become flat. Finally i froze them and then coated them with chocolate. What may be the reason for the soft balls?
Secondly mixture was so sticky.. Is it normal or balls were soft?
Can you give any tip for neat chocolate coating?
Hope to hear from you soon.
JazakAllah o khair :)

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

Sounds like you used less biscuits. Simply crush some more biscuits and add them in. Mix and keep adding gradually until you can shape the balls and they remain firm. :)

Can I use Oreos instead? If I can, how many do I use and do I have to make any adjustments to the other measurements? :)

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Yes you can use oreos in which case you will not need to add the chocolate powder as they are already chocolate cookies. And since oreos have some cream in their centres, you may not need as much sweetened condensed milk to bind the mixture. So add very gradually. My only concern is that they may end up being too sweet. But if you have an intense sweet tooth then go for it. :)

Can we use cadbury drinking chocolate instead of Cadbury cocoa powder?

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Yes you can although bear in mind drinking chocolate powder is normally sweetened, so the results might end up being a bit too sweet.

1/2tin of condense milk is equal how many table spoon?

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Not sure how many tbsp, just measure half a cup...about 100ml. :)

So What is cadbury cocoa powder? Is something different from normal cocoa powder ?