Chicken-Filled Buns

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14 small buns

Soft buns with a delicious chicken filling.

3 cups
all-purpose flour
1 tsp.
instant yeast
1/4 tsp.
baking powder
1 1/2 tsp.
1 tsp.
4 tbsp
oil plus 1 tbsp. butter
water and milk
(half and half)

First, sieve the flour and add the salt, sugar baking powder, yeast, oil and butter. Heat the water/milk to lukewarm (very hot water will kill the yeast). Add the water gradually into the flour whilst kneading until you have a soft but firm dough. Knead the dough, pounding it as much as you can to give the buns a delicately soft texture. The more you knead the better the result.

Put the dough into a lightly-oiled spacious bowl and turn it over in the bowl once so that the little oil covers the dough all over. Cover the bowl with a damp warm towel and let the dough rise for about half an hour to 45 mins.

Once risen, punch down, then knead it again for 2-3mins. Make into about 14 balls. Roll out each ball into a circle. Place your mixture in the center, then ball it up and seal. Place the formed buns on an oiled tray with the seam underneath, apply egg-wash and sprinkle with sesame seeds then bake at 170 C for about 10-12 mins. I dab a bit of butter on the buns when they r straight out of the oven, then cover them with a cloth so they get reaaaaaaally soft. :)

HERE is the recipe for my chicken and potato filling that I've used in these buns, although you can use any filling you prefer.




hi, thanx for your amazing recipes. can i ask what amount of water and milk i should use for this recipe. it says half and half but of what total amount?

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Hi! It's generally difficult to estimate how much water/milk is needed exactly as different flours absorb differently and different altitudes affect absorption rates. Mix half a cup of milk with half a cup of water. Warm it up, then gradually add and knead the dough. Use as much as it will take to get the dough to a soft and smooth consistency. You may need more water/milk or you may not need to use all. Once you've got the hang of it with your particular brand of flour, you will know for sure for next time.

salaam.3 Level tea cups means.???

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3 cups of flour. Each cup of flour is 120gm.

darling fauzia i dont find words 2 say thanx 4 ur work.iam agreat fan of yours. ur each dish is awesome.please help me get the recipe of phirozki.please

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Thank you! Here is the recipe: Pirojki

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W/Salaam, fresh milk never powdered. When a recipe calls for powdered milk I normally indicate it. :)

hw to take half water nd half milk?

at what point can we freeze these buns for later use?..I want to make them but the day guests come I hardly get time to prepare these buns so i end up not making them and make other items.

and yes- Can you tell us how to prepare in advance for an iftar party preparation?.. cuz I am planning to give iftar party and wish to make Honeycomb bread-croissants- buns- should i make these a day before and freeze?

Hi Fauzia, jst made these buns, were so Soft and absolutely delicious. However they didn't look as inviting as yours :(.

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Thanks for the great feedback. Don't understand about yours not being inviting...

Meaning didn't look as good as yours :)

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Oh don't you worry, am sure yours were excellent and since they turned out soft and yummy, the shaping will get perfected with a bit of practice. :)

Salamz fauzia...
i want to knw whether water and milk half is 1 cup warm milk? and for milk do we use fresh milk or normal powder milk? w8ing for ur reply soon...

Dear Fauzia,

For the tea cup measurement can i use the measuring cups which we get in the market? also i have a microwave oven so what's the temperature i have to use and how long i have to keep the buns inside..??

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Please refer to this note for measurement conversions: My Measurements

As for the microwave oven, I personally never bake in my microwave so cannot be sure on the temperature adjustments that need to be made for that. If you have baked buns/breads/cakes before, use the same temperature you have used in the past.

salams shabana just wanted to ask wot sugar did you used for the buns jazakallah

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W/Salaam Sofia, use regular sugar.

hey its says sugar in the ingerdients but not in the method. do we put sugar with flour and is that normal sugar or castor sugar. by the way this recipe looks yummy so i really want to try this out when i do i will send you a pick

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Hi Sofia, I have edited the recipe to include the sugar in the ingredients, thank you. Normal sugar.

Made these and m.a they were brilliant x Great recipe

salams fauzia just wanted to ask about the chicken filled buns, its says sugar in the ingerdients but not in the method. do i put sugar with flour and is that normal sugar or castor sugar. by the way the recipe looks yummy so i really want to try this out today or tomorow so please can you reply as soon as possible jazakallah and also can you help me by telling me the differance between the instant yeast and the fast acting yeast as my mum has only the fast acting yeast so she wants to knw if we can use that instead, when i make the buns inshallah i will send you a pic, jazakallah

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W/Salaam, thanks for bringing that to my attention, had forgotten to mention the sugar in my instructions. It is the normal/regular sugar and it is added with all the other ingredients in the flour. I believe instant yeast is the same as fast acting, does your mum add it directly into the flour or does she mix it with warm water first?

she mixes it with warm water first wenever she uses yeast. what would you recommend for the buns, mixing it with water first or adding it to the flour first and jazakallah for your reply its been helpful me n my mum are so looking forward to making them as they are something diffrent to try out for iftari, also we will be tryin the rose roll buns too

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Yes, mix the yeast you use with warm water first then add to the flour, just like your mum usually does. Increase the amount of yeast to 1 and a half tsp. instead of 1 tsp. Good luck and let me know how they turn out! My love to your mum too please. :)

awww jazakallah my mum sends her love too and i will definately let you know how they turn out. jazakallah once again, and you are doin a great job

Hi fauzia.. ur rose bun recipe is different from this 1... could u tell me the reason .. could we not use the same bun recipe for all???

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Hi, different doughs work differently for shaping or with the fillings. You can use any dough you like but I try to make sure that I have paired the right dough for the right results required.

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Mix the water and milk in half and half ratio.

Salam fauzia sister.First of all eid mubarik....hope you are having great funwwid ur family along with ur special expertise.yesterday i made these buns and its my second time but i couldn't find a way to wrap these chicken buns.plz plz can you add the pic of its wrapping in ur step by step folder i dun want to miss these buns.their looks are great if these are perfectly helpppppppp

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W/Salaam, inshaAllah will do although it is very very simple. Just stretch out a piece of dough in your hand, add the filing and close it up! Press to seal then flatten the ball.

can i use the chicken bread dough recipe for this?

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Yes you can.

When you say a teacup is it mean a cup? Are they both same

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Please refer to previous comments.

1 tea cup is same as 1 measuring cup right? am gonna try this soon so want to confirm it

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You can use egg if you like but they are perfect without it for this recipe.

I'm really struggling my dough doesn't rise. I used. Dried active yeast. I dissolved some in warm water but it doesn't work???? Help

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Maybe you should try a different brand of yeast? :)

why not egg in ths buns dough?will it affect the softness of bread?

thanks.just removed the buns from the oven.soft &yummy.

Thank you so much for this recipe. I tried this and they were yummm....i did a prawn chilli masala stuffing, its my hubby favourite...Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!

Can I fill up the buns, ready to bake, then b
ake the following morning? If so, shall ll I refrigerate the buns?

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Bake then freeze, please refer to comment on how to freeze posted above.

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Hi, it is an egg yolk beaten with 1 tsp milk that is then brushed on the buns/breads before baking. It helps give the bread a lovely colour after baking.

Hi, I am very new in cooking and esp baking. May I know what is egg-wash?