Chapli Kababs

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Makes 12-15 kababs

Utterly delicious kababs that are soft and moist. They taste awesome with a side of salad or tomatoes and onions and some lemon squeezed on top! YUM!

500 gm
minced beef, all water squeezed out completely
egg, lightly beaten
egg, lightly cooked/scrambled with 1 tbsp. butter, then cooled
finely chopped onion
1 tsp.
cumin powder
1 tsp.
coriander powder
green chillies, chopped
1/2 tsp.
red chilli flakes
1/4 tsp.
garlic paste
1/4 tsp.
ginger paste
medium tomatoes, seeds removed then chopped
salt to taste
1/2 tsp
black pepper powder
2 tbsp.
fresh coriander leaves
2-3 tbsp.
cornmeal, rice flour or breadcrumbs

Mix everything together then refrigerate the mixture for half an hour. If you leave them too long, the tomatoes will release water and make the kababs soggy, so they will end up breaking in the oil. You can even shape the patties and place them on a tray, then stick the tray in the freezer for half an hour so they firm up. Then proceed to fry them directly from the freezer...this helps maintain their shape. :)

Heat a small non-stick frying pan with 2-3 inches of oil, shape the patties flat and round. Fry them on high heat first then lower the heat to medium low and continue cooking the kababs until the color is nice and dark. Turn them over carefully and cook the other side. Try not to crowd the pan, it will be easier to turn if you do 2-3 at a go. Remove and drain on kitchen towels. Drizzle some lemon juice on them before serving. Serve with onions, tomatoes and/or a salad.

Enjoy! :)



aoa fauzia. i tried these kababs b they were awsm n sooooooooooo tasty. i bought a kg of mince again today. gona make more inshaaAllah:). jazakALLAH

Salam dear fauzia!i am a religious follower on fb and this recipie was a smash hit on my dinning table. thanx keep it up.

Made them today...Alhamdullilah they turned out GREAT!!!! :D

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Hi! Yes you can, but omit the tomatoes and add them into the mixture before shaping and frying coz otherwise they will release water when frozen.

Hi Fauzia, well i wanted to know if i can make those kababs and refrigerate them in the freezer and use them later during ramadan??

salam Fauzia, can you fry the kebabs and then freeze them? or semi bake/fry them and then freeze? thnaks.

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W/Salaam. Yes you can fry and freeze. :)

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W/Salaam yes you can.

Can I make these Kebabs with chicken khima???

If i just make the mixture and freeze them without the tomtatoes as u said, what about the egg?Would uncooked frozen egg do any harm...Also if I just paste the tomatotes on top and just freeze tikkis and take them out and cook them?

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It will be just fine. And yes you can paste the tomatoes on top and freeze if you like.


Do I peel the tomatoes or not? Also did you mean refridgerate or freeze for half an hour, not both right?


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W/Salaam, do not peel and yes not both.

AOA!fauzia i tried this recipe they turned out really good but my kaababs were broken plz suggest

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W/Salaam, could be that the mince had some water in it?

Dear Fauzia,

I think the "2-3 inches of oil", is unreasonable, would you please reconsider that statement?. Have a question about boiling the contents before frying, is that an option?

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Why do you find 2-3 inches of oil unreasonable? :S That is exactly the amount I use. And what contents do you want to boil exactly?

Salaams.....maaf....I am lost with the oil qty....please give me cup measurements. ...jzks

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W/Salaam, basically you are going to SHALLOW fry these. No specific amount is required but do not fill the pan with oil. Just enough for the kababs to get fried in.

Hi Fauzia,
How much salt do you put in this? I know it is according to taste for everyone but I am wondering what you do because your measurements for the spices are terrific.
Also, if the mixture gets too salty, how to correct it?

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Hi, about 1 tsp is good for half a kg of mince. You can add mashed potatoes to reduce the salt of the mixture. I am making jeera chicken and Chapli kebab...they both look lovely...inshaAllah will let you know how they turn out!!
Thank you

Salaams fouzia,
Today I tried this for ifthar.. It didn't come out good :( first of all, it was difficult to shape them, so I added more bread crumbs and I managed somehow to shape them, but couldn't make it really flat patty.. Then after frying it, felt it was a bit raw inside.. :(
Donno where it went wrong..
I had tried some of your other recipes, all were good, especially batata vada was yummy... :)

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W/Salaam, did you leave any water in the mince? Sounds like the mince was wet, it should be drained of every last drop of water.

Hi Fauzia,
Can I make this with chicken mince?

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Hi, have not tried to but it should be ok. :)

AoA. taste of my kababs was good but they shrinked while frying .your raw and fried patties are of the same size .what did i do wrong?

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Could be that the mince you used had any water in it or more fat. Fat melts in the hot oil and water evaporates so that makes the kabab shrink.

Salam Fauzia

Can I use lamb mince for this recipe?


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W/Salaam, yes you can.

Thanks :)

Aoa Fauzia. First I would say amazing recipes you have here. They have been such a help to me after my married life.

Okay about this recipe. I made these today. The taste was great. But I had a few issues. The kebabs shrinked when I fried them although I went at great lengths at draining the water out of the mince. I kept it in a strainer for quite a long while and then dabbed it with paper towels as well. It was still wet when I mixed it with everything else, I don't know I could I have squeezed more water out of it. So, could you please tell how you dry your minced meat.

Secondly, how much time do you think it should take in frying? I think I over darkened them while they were a tiny bit raw inside.

Thanks in advance :)

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Salaam, and thank you! Sometimes they shrink due to the fat content in the mince itself, as that tends to melt off and thus making the kababs shrink when it is being cooked. Try to ensure you request lean mince that has less fat mixed in. The time for frying really depends on the size and thickness of the kababs and the temperature of the heat. About 8 minutes is an estimate. Just make sure you flatten them thin so they cook through and keep the heat on medium so that they do not colour too quickly as they cook.

Have just come across your website and your recipes look promising....hope to try a few. What brought me here was my search for an authentic version of the Chapli Kebab. I plan on trying this recipe but with all due respect I must agree with another viewer who expressed concern for the suggested 2-3 inches of oil needed to cook/fry the kebab. Such an amount would I believe be closer to a "deep frying" rather than a "shallow frying".
Shallow frying is indeed the correct method especially in a home environment and this in my opinion will have the kebab/s about 50-60% submerged in the fat/oil. With the kebab approx. a quarter inch thick or slightly more ...2 to 3 inches of oil would surely submerge the kebab. Unless you actually intended to indicate 2-3 cups of oil rather than inches. This would then depend on the size of the frying utensil.
Thank you for your fine work and I hope you take this note as a constructive attempt to clarify the recipe.